New Release: Marlee’s Dom by Marion Webb-De Sisto

New Release: Marlee’s Dom by Marion Webb-De Sisto

Happy release day to Marion Webb-De Sisto with Marlee’s Dom. If you like Paranormal BDSM Romance then this will surely be the story for you.

When a fierce, badass lycan needs a woman to be sexually submissive, what’s a girl to do?

Marlee is mixed race—half-human and half-elf. During the week, she teaches elf children how to use their powers positively. At night, on weekends, she’s part of a group that hunts and incapacitates rogue lycans who attack and kill their prey. One night the group meets Radon, a fierce wolf-shifter who is also a hunter of rogue lycans. He’s a badass and carries facial scars from fighting a rogue lycan to the death.

Radon is attracted to Marlee and spends time protecting her, but he’s very dominant when having sex and wants her to submit to him completely.

Does she feel an attraction to him? Will she be his submissive or does she prefer to continue her life as it was before their paths crossed?

Reader Advisory: This BDSM Paranormal Romance contains a fierce shifter who hunts and kills rogue lycans. He wants total sexual submission from a woman, but is she willing to oblige?

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