NEW RELEASE: Flames of Passion by Annie Oakfield

NEW RELEASE: Flames of Passion by Annie Oakfield

Happy release day to Annie Oakfield with the 2nd story in The Bucket List series, Flames of Passion.

How much heat can you handle?

When mixed-race BFFs Amber and Lucy spend a wine-soaked evening compiling their list of ten erotic things to do before they die, the reserved Lucy never suspects that wildcat Amber has plans to bring some of their craziest sexual fantasies to life.

Wildcat Amber knows that Lucy loves her wine and cheese, especially when the weekend lies ahead. But why is she so determined to get her friend drunk? Shy and naïve Lucy suspects nothing, although she knows the alcohol will help her to sleep well that night, and as for the cheese . . .

The last time she ate so much, she fell into a lucid dream that lasted all night. But where’s the harm in a satisfying dream, especially if it includes one of her favorite erotic fantasies?

Caution: This story contains nudity—eight firemen and two willing women . . . minimum.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Erotic Contemporary Interracial. Multiple Partners. 16,900 WORDS

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