NEW RELEASE:  As Wild as It Gets by Ken Lord

NEW RELEASE: As Wild as It Gets by Ken Lord

Happy release day to Ken Lord with As Wild as It Gets: Fifty Shades of Disbelief. This fast-moving Crime Caper Suspense will have you guessing to the last page.

Luck is not a starter when the winner is a sure thing.

A racing-game miracle; twin bluebloods, one a champ, the other a dud. A to-die-for punt: Switch them around for one race. The champ ringing-in for the dud. Out-of-this-world odds and a mega-money payout! Impossible? Nah! One little team of daredevils picks up the gauntlet. Meet the major players in this outrageous epic:

COOPER McCOY, outback spunk, owner of the dud horse;

LORRIE EDWARDS, sassy young trainer, who raises his testosterone levels;

CASSIE MORGAN, the chicest jockey ever;

LOVEBOAT WILLIAMS, con man of a thousand faces,

FRANK DAVENPORT, trendy mastermind of the caper;

JEWEL BLANCH, a playgirl who plays;

KITTY MCCOY, Cooper’s mystic granny, and . . .

MICHAEL J FLYNN, moneybags sex machine, who lives to win and wrecks the joint if he loses.

Feel the thrill of the Magic Millions Racing Carnival and a pulse-pumping fashion shoot out west. Never has the Aussie racing game been such fun. Never has sex been so saucy. Never has a racehorse been so scrumptious. You’ll never guess the twist!

Reader Advisory: You can digest the words, but you’ll get dizzy trying to believe the message they’re telling you.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Action Adventure Suspense.  68,600 words.

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