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  1. I love your books and always looking for more exspeailly club deprived. I love jackson and his twin and there master looking foward to new slayers books too ….. big fan

    Kristen fernandes
  2. Hi, Liz

    Please submit manuscripts using 1-inch margins, 0.3 indent, and 1.5 spacing with no additional spaces between paragraphs. Use a font such as Times New Roman size 12. All accepted manuscripts are formatted before editing begins, so any ellipsis, em dashes will be checked for consistency.

    We hope to hear from you soon.

    Luminosity Publishing.

    Luminosity Publishing
  3. Hi! I just have a quick question regarding the one Night in a Dungeon anthology submission. Does the story have to be completely human/contemporary or can there me a vampire or incubus character. Thank you. Dylan.

  4. I think keeping all the stories in a contemporary setting would be best, although I’m open to vamps or whatever as long as everyone is male… 🙂

    H.C. Brown

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