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First Chapter – Bound by Jason Walker

First Chapter – Bound by Jason Walker


Bound by Jason Walker

Chapter One

It seemed that the harder she pulled against the restraints, the tighter they felt and the more she enjoyed it. Haley was truly bound, and her pleasure, her very existence, felt as if for him alone. Sitting prone in the center of the large room, she could only rely on her hearing and sense of smell to gain any hint of what was happening around her. The blindfold was the first piece in place and promised to be the last removed.

Before they began, Haley helped Jerrod remove his shoes. Now she searched the air with her ears for the sound of soft footfalls near or approaching. She had heard her man walk from the room after clicking the wrist restraints into place. Now the quiet was thunderous.

The blindfold had been first, but soon after that was the wide leather collar that kept Haley from bending her head too far forward. Jerrod had placed the bands next. The wide leather straps were wound around her chest and down to her waist. Separate, individual leather bindings were pulled into place on her legs, one around each thigh, and one around each ankle. She was unsure if they were connected as her Master had pushed her to her knees without allowing further movement. The process had taken close to an hour, a glorious, sensual hour for her.

What Haley considered odd was the fact that Jerrod had insisted that she was fully dressed before beginning. Her Master had carefully chosen her outfit, and an old white blouse, tattered jeans and undergarments now pressed against her skin by the restraints he had since applied to her. The cold steel of handcuffs clasped around her wrists and had clicked into place behind her back as the final act of preparation. But preparations for what? She had no idea but had agreed. She was nervous, even a little scared, but her arousal felt palpable.

She perceptibly flinched when Jerrod suddenly spoke. “My love, this night will be filled with pleasures and surprises. I have considered what I know of you, and a few things you may not have even realized about yourself. I plan to act on several of these things. Do you understand and wish to proceed?”

Haley trusted Jerrod completely, and simply nodded her agreement.

Lengthy discussions had preceded this night. There had even been a few test runs, and Haley found each one more exciting and satisfying than the last. Jerrod knew what his sub was willing to do, able to tolerate, wanted to try, and absolutely would not do. She trusted her Master, and knew with all her soul that he would not violate her wishes, while violating her. She wanted her boundaries pushed and in some cases broken, but she also did not want a few very specific things. Being specific was the paramount rule for him when they decided to enter into this special relationship. It had taken her a week to come up with her list of nevers, sometimes, and oftens. He laughed when he looked at the list she had made.

“The only thing on here that matter are the nevers. If it is a sometimes, or an often…well, those are the same thing.”

Haley nodded her understanding as Jerrod read the list aloud.

“No bleeding. Nothing involving my feet. No hair pulling to the point of taking hair. No spicy food. No gags. No suspending. No bathroom stuff.”

Her Master had no questions. He knew her reasoning for each and every thing on the list. Some reasons were obvious, bleeding, bathroom and taking hair. Others less so to those who did not know Haley. Jerrod knew her feet were incredibly ticklish. She was ticklish to the point that he wasn’t allowed to remove her shoes less she flinch. Early in their relationship, this simple act had lead him to receiving a bloody nose thanks to a reflexively jerked knee upon gently and lovingly touching her heel. Gags were off the list because of her teeth. He’d told her she had the most flawless smile he had ever seen, and she was meticulous about it. She would allow nothing that might damage it, such as a round, red, plastic ball.

The food issue was something Haley did not know until she had experienced it. During one of their exploratory sessions, Jerrod had brought forth a large platter of finger foods. He had restrained her to a table blindfolded. One by one, he touched her with the morsels, teased her with them and eventually offered for her to eat each of the foods. He would use the foods on her body before placing each treat in her mouth. In particular contrast to the strawberry that had preceded it, the jalapeño pepper was smooth, innocuous and intended to be a harsh surprise. A surprise it was, because as he pulled it across her pubic mound and up her tummy, stopping between her breasts, a bright red line appeared on her skin, and she began to complain. A trip to the hospital emergency room, and a couple of weeks of a foul-smelling ointment later, she and Jerrod knew that she was quite allergic to capsicum, the volatile ingredient in peppers. It was just one of those things she had never discovered about herself in her mere twenty-three years. At least they made this discovery before she bit into the little green bomb because it could have killed her.

Suspending was something that Jerrod only had to describe to Haley for her to put that on the list of nevers. The process of being suspended in the air, fully supported by her restraints, or even in a separate contraption such as a swing was unacceptable to her. She said she wouldn’t be able to concentrate on making him happy if she was constantly afraid of falling.

The room’s cool breath blowing on her skin, and the distant hum of the air-conditioning unit were all that was available to Haley, other than faint, vague scents. The smell of the perfectly cooked steaks they had enjoyed for dinner, mixed with the soft scent of the fragrant roses Jerrod had brought to her as she bathed. Of course, there was the scent of her own nervous sweat, excitement, and sex. Her man had told her that this was the night he would test a few of her limits. She had no idea what to expect, but by the time she was trussed and prone, she could feel the heat from her pussy on the insides of her thighs. Were he to untie her and just fuck her hard at that moment, she would have called this one of the most exciting nights of her life.

Haley knew, of all the possibilities, that was not on the list.

When she heard a soft shuffle, Haley snapped her head to the right in hopes of pointing an attentive ear to recognize the sound, but she was met with indistinguishable silence.

To the left, shuffle; turning again.


Haley felt as if she was being toyed with but knew better than to speak. She had agreed to be toyed with, and Jerrod had made it very clear that should she choose to break his rules, the toying would be over, and she would be left unsatisfied and inexperienced in whatever he had planned for her.

Haley remembered many of the nights that lead to this culminating evening. They had discussed her desire not to be gagged in any traditional manner. A plastic ball gag was out of the question. Her father was a dentist, and she took exceptional pride in her teeth. The other forms of throttle did not appeal to her either. A piece of cloth tied around the back of the head and between her jaws, a bar gag, all of them had some negative connotation for her. Jerrod had to get creative. His solution was quite inspired, and also served other purposes as well. It played into the ritual of discipline very nicely for him.

Those words from the first night he covered her eyes echoed in her memory. Jerrod had carefully placed the black velvet cloth over Haley’s eyes as he spoke. “The blindfold is your form of gag. When you wear it, you must remain silent.”

There was something so authoritative about being denied a primary sense, and the inability to speak with a single piece of opaque, cotton material.

As she came out of that memory, Haley realized that she was not facing forward She feared that the slight motion of her head would be too much movement. She moved to return to her proper position, slowly and carefully. If her Master was in the room, she hoped the motion wouldn’t be noticed. The thought of being found in violation of one of his strict edits was very scary. That rule being broken would have been seen as a loss of control, and as he had said many times before, control is given or gained by requiring that rules or orders be obeyed.

The subject of being restrained was also discussed at length. It too, was an exercise of discipline, self-discipline.
“Anything as simple as a string placed around your finger is enough to show my desire for you to be restrained and perfectly still as long as I wish. If I move you, or say movement is allowed, then, and only then, may you move.”

It had been one of Jerrod’s early tests for her. During dinner at a very exclusive restaurant, as he stood to use the restroom, he had paused and tied a short piece of red yarn in a bow around Haley’s pinky. He smiled at her when he returned to find her not only still sitting, but that she had essentially not moved a muscle. She still held the fork of crème brûlée in the air, just above the fine china plate in front of her. He tugged the bow free and nodded, and Haley ate the fork of sweet temptation she had stared at for several minutes.

Their experience together had not started as this kind of relationship. At first, their interactions had been those of two people dating and getting to know each other. There were lots of smiles and touches, eventually passionate kisses and incredible sex, and finally, true and real feelings from both of them. Haley and Jerrod had slowly and naturally progressed into a real relationship.

They had been introduced to each other by a mutual friend, whose last words to the pair before excusing themselves from the table were, you two are perfect for each other. Little did they know, but that friend was more right than they could have ever suspected. It was her first truly serious relationship, but not Jerrod’s. He had told her from the beginning that he was more experienced in matters of the heart than she. She expected it. He was seven years her senior.

Jerrod had pledged to be honest, and when her curiosity finally got the better of her, she asked. They had been together for nine months at that point. He explained that he had been in a relationship for nearly two years. He told her that it had ended poorly. Upon questioning for details, her date willingly explained that the relationship had ended because of his sexual desires. She had assumed it was because of his more than active sex drive, but he detailed that it was much more than that. It was then that she began to discover the domination and submission lifestyle that the man sitting across from her chose to pursue.

At first Haley reacted with the proper amount of good girl shock to his stories, but it was an act she couldn’t maintain for long, at least not convincingly. Jerrod was able to see right through it. It wasn’t long before the two were having long discussions about the lifestyle. Her curiosity was almost as insatiable as his libido. It was talk at first, but it followed a natural progression to experimentation. That experimentation revealed Haley to be a perfect submissive to Jerrod’s dominating tendencies. Becoming tangled in sheets became light bondage. A willingness to make her man happy led to his taking charge. A few requests led to her accepting Jerrod’s orders, for actions and dress.

That had come to a pinnacle as they prepared for a party Jerrod had hosted. He had said that some like-minded friends were coming over for dinner, drinks, and fun. Haley discovered that Jerrod had chosen her outfit for the night. When she examined it, she found it to be see-through and she hesitated. Her Master explained to her that this was what he wished her to wear, and told her that there would be others at the party dressed similarly. He expressed his desire to show her off, while assuring her that she would be safe. It was his first real expression of an order outside the boundaries of their bed.

Despite her modesty, Haley fulfilled Jerrod’s desire, and spent the evening barely more than naked around people that were complete strangers to her. She loved the attention, never felt taken advantage of, and always felt safe and appreciated. She also saw the pride on her Dom’s face. Haley knew she had pleased him, and that pleased her. Later that evening, she was rewarded with one of the most amazing nights of lovemaking she had ever experienced.

After that night, things were different between them. Haley had allowed the theoretical to become reality. She and Jerrod moved in together permanently, and through discussion and exploration, they had found that each was the other’s perfect match.

Haley was called shy as she grew up. She never considered herself as such though. She had no problem asserting herself when the situation called for it. She had never had any issue with meeting and talking to new people, or interacting in groups. Haley was not however, a take charge kind of person. She was a follower, not a leader. It made her a fantastic employee. In the jobs she sought, managers and others in authority quickly discovered that she did what was asked of her, and usually a little extra. She didn’t follow blindly though. If she had questions, she would ask. If she disagreed, she would say so. If it were a situation where a manager couldn’t or wouldn’t explain the reasoning, she would accept that it was an order and would perform the task in hopes of having it explained later. With her personality and charm, those explanations were almost always provided. In the most simplistic explanation, Haley enjoyed doing things that pleased others.

As she started growing sexually, she discovered that this aspect of her personality applied in that area as well. Haley was drawn to men who were strong. Not necessarily men who possessed physical strength, though they were nice to look at, she was drawn to mental prowess and strength of conviction and personality. Jerrod was definitely such a personality.

At a relaxed dinner early in their relationship, Haley had asked Jerrod a straightforward question. “What do you think has made you who you are?”

He explained that as a child, he was not a bully or mean in any way. Jerrod was quick to point out that he was also not a wilting flower. “Even in elementary school, the other kids didn’t fear me, but they also didn’t mess with me. As I matured, I came to the conclusion that when it came to most situations, I preferred to be in charge. I would listen to others, weigh their input and then move ahead in a way that I felt was best for all concerned, with the information I possessed. It did cause a few problems. There were inevitable personality clashes, I lost a few jobs because I disagreed loudly with people who possessed authority, and, in my opinion, were acting foolishly.”

Haley could see that this man accepted himself and adapted with experience. He learned which battles to fight, and which ones to ignore. She listened as he continued.

“In my private life though, I chose to accept that I didn’t have to make compromises nearly as often. When I dated, I was drawn to women who were compliant. These women were not weak and I never treated them as such. They were not dumb or spineless. I’ve always found those characteristics abhorrent. Intelligence and strength of will are ultimately more attractive. I sought out people, not just women, who were adherent by nature, strong enough to voice and stand up for an opinion, but who could also follow rules and direction. At times it made me seem like an asshole, but when anyone gets to know me, they quickly discover that I try my best to be kind, attentive, and considerate, but not necessarily governable.”

Jerrod was in charge of himself, and usually the situation and the people around him. She loved that about him.
Now Haley sat prone and subservient in the center of a room, awaiting whatever the night held for her. She knew without doubt that she was safe, appreciated, loved, and that nothing outside the bounds of her desires would occur. She also knew that she was completely and totally at her Master’s mercy, and would be used for his pleasure. She knew, expected, and wanted him to be selfish. That thought alone caused her heart to race, because the action of what was happening was far more than exciting.

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