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Rock ‘n’ Leather

Rock ‘n’ Leather

Brand:HC Brown

Do you want to take on a ride on the wild side and indulge in the varied delights of Club Depravity?

Restricted to gay rock stars and high-flyers in the entertainment industry, Club Depravity offers a secure fan free environment, where edge playing Doms and delicious subs indulge in their wildest fantasies…and you have a front row seat.

Reader Advisory: Fasten your seat belt for a ride on the wild side.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

M/M, M/M/M, Anal sex, public exhibition, BDSM, Sex toys, Multiple partners

44,588 words

Club Depravity 2

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Pinned between two delicious bodies, Aiden gasped; the heat from the two Doms scorched through his shirt. With both arms locked around Connor’s neck and his back pressed hard against Logan’s hard thighs, they moved as one to the slow sensual beat. From behind, Logan’s large hands moved from chest to groin in an exploration of pure unadulterated lust. As they swayed to the music, Logan rubbed his thick erection across his ass in a blatant invitation. He gazed into Connor’s eyes and caught his amused knowing expression. He returned the smile and ran the tip of his tongue over his bottom lip. Oh, I know how to play this game.

Oh yeah, he understood exactly what the pair of them had in mind. He pushed his fingers into Connor’s silken hair and cupped the roundness of his skull. He waited, mouth held slightly open for Connor to lower his head. The desire to kiss this man had become an obsession. He moaned and pressed his aching shaft into Connor’s thigh.

“I think we need a room.” Connor’s damp breath brushed his cheek. “You are so fucking hot.”

“Oh yeah, his ass is on fire. What do you want from us, Aiden? A short get to know us scene and some hot action…or just the hot action?” Logan pressed open-mouth kisses along Aiden’s neck. “I want you real bad.”

Aiden leaned back into the big Dom and wiggled his ass. “Dungeon…please, Masters.”

“You need a contract? Or do you trust us for some harmless fun? I’m sure Alec would vouch for us.”

“Alec already has. I’ll trust you for a get to know you scene.” He laughed. “I can scream really loud if I have to.”

Connor grinned like a gorilla on meth. “Sweet. I’ll go and see what’s available.” He disentangled himself from Aiden and pressed a kiss on Logan’s cheek. “Take our boy downstairs and keep him happy, I’ll be right behind you.”

Turned in Logan’s arms, he slumped against the man’s hard chest. The Dom held him in his strong arms and pressed kisses along his jaw and down his neck.

“You smell so fucking good. I wanna lick you all over, boy.” Logan slid one arm around his waist and moved through the dancers to the perimeter of the dance floor. “I gather this is your first visit to the Depravity dungeons?”

His heart pounded, excitement thrummed in every nerve ending. The man’s touch sent flames of desire curling around his balls. The idea of having two men weakened his knees. He sucked in deep breaths then assumed the attitude of a very willing sub and dropped his gaze. “Yes, Sir, this is my first time.”

“You’ll love it here. They’ve based the design on medieval torture chambers. Although, they have a nice mattress on the floor for the cool down.” Logan pushed him through a studded oak door.

Inside the dim passageway lit by fat candles, he glanced at the heavy doors set into the walls. Each thick door had a chalkboard hanging from a nail. He squinted through the puddles of orange light to read the names scrawled over the black surface denoting which Dom was in residence. He inhaled the erotic flavor of men, sex, candlewax, and leather. The atmosphere of domination filled each crack in the granite block wall.

“Kneel.” Logan touched his shoulder. “Lick my leathers.”

Aiden dropped to his knees and assumed the position with his hands gripped behind him. He bent low and suckled each stud along the ankle band on Logan’s boots. The tang of metal rubbed over his tongue, awakening his dark desires. He moved up the leg, trailing a wet path to the knee. Logan gripped his hair in his strong fingers and twisted. A sharp sting of pain tore at Aiden’s scalp, he moaned, and continued upward. He lapped up the thigh and met the denim covering his Master’s package. He growled his frustration. The hard ridge of Logan’s impressive length pressed against his mouth. He inhaled the Dom’s intoxicating male musk and climbed the zipper with his teeth seeing the prize inside the tight jeans.

“Soon.” Logan moved away.

He stared at the dark stone floor, his cockhead scraped against the fastening of his pants. He panted, desperate for the thrill of pleasure, pain, and unrestrained sex. Footsteps brought the arrival of Connor. He heaved a sigh of relief. He wanted to lift his head to gaze at the man’s beauty and drink in the combined scents of his two Doms.

“Follow me, boy.” Connor ran a finger over the back of Aiden’s neck. “Crawl. Oh yeah, let me see your ass move in those leather pants.”

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