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Purr-fect Lust

Purr-fect Lust

Brand:HC Brown

Prince Rio loves Tanz, but his cat demands he mate Aria, the human his King has ordered him to kill.

Aria d’Lion, author of bestselling books, The Fairy in My Garden, and Shape-shifters Are Among Us discovers to her horror that most of the things she’s written about are true. The shifters have sent a deliciously handsome man to the book signing to kill her, trouble is the panther shifter is her mate. Too bad he is already in love with a man.

Hot sexy Rio has a list of kinky sex partners but one special man in his life. Aria turns his world upside down and he is torn between duty and love.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

M/F, Ménage M/F/M, M/F/F, M/M, Bondage, anal sex, forced seduction, public exhibition, orgies, prostitution

48,634 words

Pride Brothers 3


Other World

Rio ran his hand down Tanz’s back. Damp, peach fuzz skin slid tantalizingly beneath Rio’s fingertips. He smiled into the darkness. This evening, he had taken his ass four times, and listened to his groans of delight each time he took him in his mouth. The Faerie’s essence still coated his tongue. He longed to immerse himself completely in the man’s taste and never come up for air.

In the twilight, he could make out Tanz clearly. He touched the damp, moonlit curls pressed against his blushed cheeks. He ran his fingers down across his lover’s pointed chin then up to trace the line of his swollen lips. Overpowered by the need to kiss him, to feel his passion, he groaned. He ached to bury himself deep inside his smoldering heat, just one more time, before daylight. Bending his head to nuzzle him under one tall, pointed ear, he breathed in his unique, earthy scent. He wished the sweet male would open his eyes. His lover’s sultry jade orbs could melt an iceberg and bring him to his knees. Tanz had become his weakness. Lady’s blood, I am infatuated with a Faerie.

He sighed and turned onto his back. Pride females would never leave him wanting, and he had two waiting at home. Tanz chose that moment to roll over, exposing his full, magnificent length. His heart quickened. The male’s pale, opalescent skin caught in a beam of moonlight and shimmered. He reached out, traced a path across his broad chest, and circled each flat nipple before he rested his palm over Tanz’s substantial prick. He enjoyed this far too much. This Fae male had taken him to a level he had not experienced before. No, none of his male or female lovers had incited such intense lust in him.

The King of the Faerie’s voice echoed in his head. He groaned. Trust Nox to disturb a night of bliss.

“I know you are awake. King Blaise has requested you return to Dryad without delay. There has been a robbery; someone has stolen the Lady’s Book of Knowledge from the Royal Library. Blaise is convinced the Druiks or the humans are to blame; he has already begun investigations in Druik Void. I am leaving for the human realm now.”

He grunted his assent. A request from his king required an immediate response, and the fact Blaise was his brother notwithstanding. He shook Tanz gently but he slept in that delightfully exhausted way that only came from a night of erotic euphoria. Pressing a kiss to his lover’s forehead, he lingered to memorize the man’s unique features. His heart twisted in regret. He had forged a deep connection with Tanz over the past year and wanted it to continue, but a relationship between them could never work. Fae and Pride males were literally worlds apart. Each time he left him, it became harder to forget the delicious Faerie. He wished Tanz would wake, so he could explain his abrupt departure. He had no idea when, if ever, he would be invited back to Other World.

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