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Dangerous Legacy

Dangerous Legacy

Shifting has become a family matter.

One year ago, under the full moon, City girl Nadia St. John gave herself to the trio of champion shifters, fully prepared to conceive a child each year in the name of enduring peace.

Now, as the second Sammenføjning ceremony approaches, Nadia’s mind is flooded with erotic fantasies about the upcoming foursome. Consumed by guilt, she tries to hide her erotic daydreaming from her young lover, Jamie.

But a recent battle with two rogue shifters has left the pair bruised and injured. With their attackers now incarcerated, can Nadia refocus on her duties as Progenitor, and enjoy daydreaming about her naked encounter with the three muscular champions?

Or does fate have other ideas?

Reader Advisory: A Paranormal Romantic Suspense story describing women who surrender themselves to handsome, muscular shifters. Contains nudity.

PUBLISHER NOTE: M/F and mild F/F encounters. (Polyamory). M/F Romance with Ménage encounters. Voyeurism. 23,600 words. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

M/F/F and M/F Romance

The Shifters of New Hampshire – Book 3


“It’s about Jamie,” I began. “I—”

“I’m not sleeping with him! I promise! I don’t care what the others are telling you.” Laura glanced behind her. “They’re liars, okay?”

I looked straight into her eyes. “Laura, I never thought you were sleeping with Jamie.” I half-smiled.

“If that’s not what you wanted to talk about, then what—”

“It’s about the Sammenføjning.”

“Okay, well . . .” Laura unfolded her arms and put her hands on her hips, creating an awkward and uncomfortable pose. “You should go, of course. How often do you get open permission to be gang-banged by the three fittest—”

“Laura, I meant, what form should I take?”

“What form?” She frowned. “Between human and lupus, you mean?”

I nodded. “Last year, I was fully prepared to . . . mate with the champions as myself.” I indicated my human body with a sweep of my hand. “This time, I’ve dreamed about being . . . gang-banged as myself, but I was sure Jamie would be horrified at the idea.”

“Have you asked Jamie how he feels?”

I shook my head.

Laura laughed. “Ask him, you dope!”

“I can’t!” I hissed. “All I’ve thought about for the past month is fucking. Every time I try to sleep, I’m on my back with Anton, Jared, and Kelt taking turns on top of me.” I bit my lip as Laura’s eyes widened. “How can I ask him how he feels about that? He’d be appalled that I was getting so turned on over three other guys.”

“Three better-looking guys,” Laura murmured. “Three big, strong—”

“Hey! Not helping!”

“Sorry, sorry.” She pushed both hands through her hair. “Why don’t you ask Sean? He knows everything about the pack traditions. It might turn out that you don’t have a choice in what form you take. Jamie can’t object to that.”

I groaned. “You really think I want to discuss my screwing with my freaking uncle?”

“Your Aunt, then. She’ll understand . . . won’t she?”

I shifted my jaw as I considered the idea. “I . . . You’re right. I’ve always been able to talk about awkward stuff with Deb.”

“There you are, then.” She spread her hands. “Problem solved.”

“I should find her now before I change my mind.” I started to turn away.

Laura put a hand on my shoulder. “Why would you change your mind?”

“Because it’s embarrassing. The only thing on my mind is sex. All I want to do is be used like a sex toy by the champions. In a way, part of me will be glad when it’s over.”

“No, you can’t think that way! You should enjoy every second of those delicious guys. Fantasize about it as much as you want. I mean, how often does three-on-one happen to a girl?”

“Every twelve months,” I replied. “On the night of the full moon.”

“Well, yeah. But how often does anybody else get to do that?”

“I know.” I sighed. “I hadn’t thought about it like that.”

“I really hope you find a way to enjoy yourself.”

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