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What would you do if an alien chose you?

When decorated Royal Guardsmen, Tarik Monat is assigned to protect a heavily pregnant Prince Tavek and his human, Ryan, he never imagines running from the Titan. Whispered rumors of a mutiny endanger the future king’s family. Fleeing to Earth, the surfacer encounters severe turbulence. With the prince’s family at stake, he jettisons the life pod. After crash landing, Tarik has little chance of survival.

NASA scientist Quad Wexler is ex-military, working to figure out the anomalies occurring at their satellite research facility. When he hears an explosion in the night, he races through the jungle to get to the river’s edge where he finds an alien. He quickly discovers that they will need each other to survive.

As Tarik gets closer to the human, he realizes how long he’s denied himself a lover. Desperate, Tarik has chosen Quad to mate with. Will the human male have him or will he be repulsed by what he is?

Reader Advisory: The book contains sexy scenes of human males mating with aliens, including male pregnancy.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

36,563 words, (92 pages)

M/M, Anal Sex, Lashing/Corporal Punishment

Titan Year 6

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Behind them, the river roared in a rush to life. All he could think about was getting them to higher ground and to safety from the flash flood. He pulled Quad in close, trying to keep them out of the river. The man’s fingers slipped through his. He reached out at the last second, grabbing him before he slipped down into the water.

Their eyes locked. Cold hard fear sliced through Quad’s eyes. Tarik tried to make sense of the emotions flooding through him when he realized that they both almost died right there. The thought of losing this male before he ever had a chance to know him made emotions swim through his heart. These males were precious. All were.

They were a chance at life and the possibility of having something more. Tarik pulled him up against his chest as they struggle within the mudslide. As the runoff came down the hillside, it hit in a rush. Tarik knew it was time to move. They needed to get to higher ground before it was too late.

They clung to the hillside as more mud rained down. He held on to Quad, pressing his chest up against his body. They were eye to eye as he dug his fingers into the vines that cascaded down over the hill. “I’ve got you. I’m not about to let go of you anytime soon.”

A shiver coursed through Quad’s body. Tarik knew exactly how he was feeling. He was terrified of dying alone.

The mudslide rushed down behind him as he pressed the human into the rock face. Tarik held onto the thick vines as the mud flowed over their heads in a dangerous river.

They would be lucky to live through this and not get buried within the river of mud. As they were pinned together, Tarik became very aware of the way the male was holding on to him. Their eyes locked. The need to protect the male was an overpowering chant within his mind.

With his boots low in the mud, they were practically eye to eye and their lips a breath away. As Tarik breathed out, he breathed this human male’s breath inside. As the earth moved around them, Tarik leaned in and kissed the male. His startled lips opened in shocked surprise and momentarily resistance before the male moaned, giving in to the kiss.

Quad’s strong hands tightened into his flight suit as Tarik deepened the kiss, flicking his tongue across those hot, full soft lips, landing it deep within the male’s searing mouth. The sweet fruity taste of his mouth was so intoxicating that Tarik forgot they were in mortal danger. All he could think about was mating with this male.

His cock grew hard and ready, pressing against his flight suit. He struggled to keep his cockhead from opening and latching on to the male’s prick and sucking him inside. Tarik threaded his fingers into the male’s hair, angling his head to take the kiss deeper. He loved the way the human was responding to his kiss and his touch. As the earth rumbled and shook around them, Tarik plundered his mouth, exploring and tasting every inch of it. He loved how the human’s tongue swirled and flicked deeply with his.

As the earth stopped shaking, Tarik eased his lips from Quad’s. His eyes were heavy with lust and his lips were puffy and wet. The need to conquer those lips again was overpowering but it would have to wait. They had to get off this ledge now that the earth had stopped moving.

“We need to go. It’s not safe here.”

Rainwater dripped down onto Quad’s face. Mud had splattered onto the male’s neck. “Why did you kiss me.”

“I couldn’t resist. Did you enjoy my kiss?”

Quad bit his lip as he nodded his head. The fact that the male had been pleasured by his mouth turned Tarik on. He wanted to strip him and take him fast and hard but he knew that wouldn’t be happening anytime soon. They needed to get out of the current mess they were in if they were ever going to have a chance at love.

“I’m scared.”

“I’ve got you.”

Tarik knew exactly how he was feeling. If this entire hillside went, they both would be dead. He couldn’t think about that now. Not when they were so close to getting to safety. He didn’t want to think about the possibility of something going wrong and them both dying. There were morethan just this male who needed him. Despite sending the prince and his family back to the Titan for medical treatment, he was still sworn to protect them. His job was not over.

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