Author:HC Brown

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Alpha Rock’s rhythm guitarist, Kail Darkstar, is more than a little confused. The last thing he remembers is playing a gig in Las Vegas three days ago. He has no memory of meeting the sexy twink, tied to his bed, let alone the three-day long scene they apparently enjoyed.

After seeking help from Jackson, Kail discovers the stranger is French model, Philippe La Grange. Kail can’t get enough of his delicious sub in or out of the hotel room, but no matter how many times he makes love to Philippe, he still can’t remember meeting him.

Problem is, the media has tracked his every outrageous move. What happened in Vegas is front-page news.

Will Kail remember his delicious sub before Philippe walks out of his life forever?

PUBLISHER NOTE: An M/M BDSM Romance, containing themes of spanking, flogging, and bondage. 13,265 words

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

13,265 words (36 pages)

M/M, BDSM, Anal Sex, Flogging

Club Depravity 8

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Kail stepped out the shower and stared into the face of a stunningly handsome twink. He could not help the smile curling his lips. Yeah, he should call for security, and the idea someone had managed to get into his room flashed through his mind, reminding him to be careful, yet what harm could a deliciously naked boy do to him?Beat him to death with his cock? Hmm now, that was a thought and more so the snake tattooed length seemed strangely familiar. He inhaled his spicy, fucked-all-night scent and took his time moving his gaze over the slim hips and waist then up over the pierced nipples to his face. You are stunning. “What’s your name, boy?”

“Mmm, well you sure know how to hurt a person’s feelings, Kail.” The pup pouted and moved closer, his French accent sending a hot wave of lust straight to Kail’s balls. “You’ve had me every possible way for the last three nights, and now you can’t remember my name let alone proclaiming your undying love for me in front of about sixty people.” He moved closer and closed a fist around Kail’s cock. “Best you start remembering, real soon. Jackson and Rogue are in our bedroom looking like the Spanish Inquisition. Jackson is a real bitch. He spoke to me as if I was a rent boy then said I stink and ordered me to take a shower.”

Realization dawned on him. This wasn’t a boy looking for a rock-star fuck. He had to be the same one he’d left well-serviced and hidden under the pillows. “I kind of like the way you smell and I gather you’re the pup I found tied to my bed this morning?” Kail cupped the back of the man’s head and his fingers sunk unto his soft dark curls. “I wouldn’t have bothered them if I’d known you were so pretty. Jackson keeps the members of Alpha Rock on the straight and narrow. He helps fix our personal problems on the road. Yeah, he is a bitch, but he’s our bitch.” He shrugged. “Truth is, boy. I don’t remember meeting you, although I do admit your cock does look familiar and I love your accent.” He bent to brush a kiss over the pup’s soft red lips and moved his hips enjoying the man’s touch on his growing erection. Hmm, I’m so in the mood for shower sex. “Now what’s your name?”

“You don’t remember?” The boy raised one perfect brow.

“I get lost in a scene sometimes.” Kail searched his mind but came up completely blank. “All my subs are ‘pup’ or ‘boy.’ I’m sure you understand. The coming down takes a while.”

“You are very strange, but this time I will oblige, Master. My name is Phillipe, Phillipe La Grange.” The pup chewed on his bottom lip then lifted his gaze. “Well, I guess as you’re a Dom I could take your last name. Phillipe Darkstar sounds okay.”

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