The Right Way to Use Men

The Right Way to Use Men

The Right Way to Use Men is Marnie Roberts at her best. It can almost be called a guide for women who want to control their husbands to get whatever they want from them.

Dissatisfied with being taken for granted by their husbands, a group of women decides to withhold sex from them, which causes the men to miss it even more. The next part of their plan is to seduce each other’s husbands without letting them know they know about it. That leaves the men feeling guilty and looking for more and more ways to please their wives.

Husbands doing all of the housework, buying flowers and other gifts for their wives and lovers, becoming submissive sex partners? It all happens while their wives learn the joys of female bisexuality. And all the while, the men still don’t realize they’re being used.

This approximately 46,480-word novel, which has graphic descriptions of sex, female bisexuality and some hard language, is a must for currently submissive women who want to leave equality of the sexes behind and take command.

Reader Advisory: Contains explicit descriptions of sex, group sex, and female bisexuality.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

46,563 words (109 pages)

MF, including, Bisexuality, Group Sex


“So? Was I right about my husband?” Sitting back in her chair, Barbara twirled a lock of long hair between two slender fingers. Having planned on making a suggestion that day, the five-foot, two-inch blonde looked across the table through gleaming eyes. If she could get her friend to go along with her idea, certain conditions in their homes were most likely going to improve.

“You mean because of the way he was looking at me yesterday?” Lori, a five-foot, four-inch, nicely shaped brunette whose face belonged on a magazine’s cover, asked and laid her menu on the end of the table. She had often noticed Steve checking her out, but hadn’t thought anything of it.

“Yes,” Barbara said with a devilish chuckle in her voice while waving an upturned palm as if there were nothing wrong with what they were discussing. “He seemed to be visually undressing you. And that wasn’t the first time I noticed him doing that.” Although she didn’t suspect Steve of being unfaithful to her, thoughts of how far he would go with Lori had been arousing her curiosity.

“Well, all men are like that. And Steve is obviously no exception to the rule,” Lori reasoned while waving a dismissing hand. “You’d think he would be happy with a wife who’s as pretty as you are. And your tits are even much bigger than mine are. But I’ve seen him looking at Toni Marco that way, too.” Glancing toward the counter, she shook her head as if unable to figure men out. “Maybe he’s just looking for a piece of meat on the side, as the guys put it.”

“Sometimes I think they’re a bunch of animals who just want to get us on a bed,” Barbara murmured. Seeing the waitress approaching, she stopped talking about that. “Hi, sexy,” she said to the petite redhead. “I’ll just have a tuna sandwich and a cup of coffee.”

“Same.” Waving an indifferent hand, Lori smiled. “But I’ll have a piece of apple pie, too.”

“You got it.” Toni Marco smiled at her two friends. “How’s everything going?” After they said there were no problems, she said she’d be right back and returned to the kitchen.

Continuing their conversation after Toni had left, Lori asked, “Has Joe ever tried to hit on you?” She had no reason to mistrust her husband. He usually just went to work, came home, ate supper and flopped on the sofa. But when they were socializing with friends, his eyes were all over the other women. Were it not for her being oversexed, he probably would have begun looking for entertainment elsewhere years ago.

“Not overtly.” Barbara wondered if it was too early to mention what she had been thinking about the night before. “But Joe does throw a lot of sexual innuendos my way when he’s sure no one else can hear him. I just laugh them off. And he doesn’t persist.”

“Oh, I can believe that.” Lori clucked her tongue. “I saw the hungry look in his eyes when you were wearing that bikini at Alice Roma’s swimming party two weekends ago. I’m surprised he didn’t get a hard on.” Later that night, Joe was exceptionally amorous, causing her to wonder if he had been thinking about Barbara while they were in bed.

“What’s this about bikinis?” Toni Marco said when she stopped alongside them with a serving cart. Placing their orders on the table, she grunted a laugh.

“We were talking about bikinis, not those shoestrings you call a bathing suit.” Lori feigned a disgusted expression. “Modesty is obviously not your strong point.”

“Listen…” Toni inhaled deeply to lift her breasts. “When you’ve got nice tits like I do, why hide them?”

“Bitch,” Lori murmured and looked around to make sure none of the other customers had heard her. She and Toni had been teasing each other about things like that longer than either could remember.

“Eat your heart out, you flat-chested twit,” Toni teased. “My Billy doesn’t mind when other men get hard-ons while looking at me.”

“Well, Joe doesn’t have any complaints about my tits.” Waving a dismissing hand, Lori inconspicuously scanned the attractive redhead’s physical assets. There wasn’t a part of Toni’s five-foot, one-inch body that was out of proportion. If Lori were a man, she wouldn’t mind rolling in the hay with her.

“I believe that.” Toni placed a placating hand on her friend’s wrist. “I hope you don’t mind my teasing.”

“Not at all.” Lori smiled at her warmly. “But you’re still a bitch.” She was a damned, pretty bitch, but a bitch nonetheless.

“Ha,” Toni said, looking at her through twinkling eyes. “I have to get back to work. Enjoy your lunches.” She turned and pushed her cart toward the kitchen.

“She’s a piece of work.” Barbara watched the petite redhead walking away with more than a passing interest. “How long have you known her?”

“Since grammar school.” Lori picked her sandwich up. She knew Toni had been getting laid since she was fourteen, but didn’t feel comfortable revealing that little piece of information. If she did, Barbara might want to know when she had begun having sex.

“Well to get back to what we were talking about…” Barbara bit into her sandwich. “Would you do anything with my husband if he were to come right out and ask you to?” What she had to suggest was going to take some circumlocating. For that reason, it would be necessary to find out where Lori’s head was at first.