Take Me

Take Me

How far would you run to find love?

Aiden Bishop is a successful young lawyer hiding out in sunny Spain to escape unsavoury clients in Australia. At twenty-seven, Ace as he’s known to his mates, happens upon a local flamenco club in Seville where he’s befriended by Rafael Flores and beguiled by Carla Armando — a famous flamenco couple well-known for their fiery performances both on and off the stage.

With ancestral links to the famous gypsy flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya, Rafael and Carla have mysterious Romani culture coursing through their veins. Sensing Aiden’s love of adventure, they invite him on a road trip from the Costa Del Sol to Granada in search of Carla’s true Romani gifts. However, as the trip stretches deeper into less travelled emotional geography, long-kept secrets are exposed.

Brimming with gypsy traditions, the passion of the dance, mysterious rune readings and intrigue, Aiden realizes that he may be able to evade his clients, but he can’t escape his destiny no matter how far he runs.

Take Me is the third stand-alone Contemporary Erotic Romance in Diane Demetre’s genre-busting series, Steamy Secrets. If you love strong heroes, hot sex and feisty heroines, don’t miss this page-turning love story with a twist.

Reader Advisory: A Contemporary Erotic Romance containing a rugged hero, feisty heroine and troubled lover with red hot dance and sex scenes.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Previously published, Take Me has been reworked and re-released under a new title to reflect modern Contemporary Erotic Romance at its best. 74,800 words.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

M/F, Love Triangle (M/F/M) Romance

Steamy Secrets – Book 3

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“Well, tango is like having sex. Except instead of being horizontal, you’re vertical. Here. I’ll show you.” Carla slithered her right leg in between Aiden’s, the top of her thigh easing towards his crotch. “Now when we dance tango, we have to remain locked in this position, so we move as one.”

“Carla, if I remain locked in this position, I won’t be doing any dancing.”

She giggled. “Why not?”

“First of all, I can’t move, and second, I’d rather be doing the horizontal tango.” A half-smile lurked on his face and his eyes twinkled with mischief.

“I see,” Carla said in a soft, sultry voice. Tiny tingles raced from her toes, surging to her face in a hot flush. He’d not released his grip on her, nor the intense stare in which he’d trapped her. “Well, Aiden. That is tango. Tango is love. Tango is passion. You must love your partner. You must want to be passionate with your partner.” The more she spoke, the slower her speech became. Gazing into his eyes, she recognized he had the requisite love and passion to dance tango. She moistened her lips, noticing how the slight movement with her tongue seemed to mesmerize him. “Let’s proceed, shall we?” She tried to direct his attention back to tango.

Not breaking his stance or stare, Aiden said, “I’m ready.”

“I’m going to step back on my right foot, and you step forwards on your left. Ready and step . . .” As Carla stepped back, Aiden obeyed with his left. Unsure of the power needed, he pushed too hard, and they stumbled. Quick as lightning, he crushed her in his arms lifting her up before they fell. He found his footing for them both though her feet dangled off the floor. His chest heaved, and she could feel his heart beating as fast as hers. With her arms wrapped around his neck, her face hovered at kissing distance and the yearning she’d disregarded since meeting him, resurfaced with a vengeance.

“Are you all right?” he asked, his masculine breath resting on her lips, making them ache.

“Yes. Thank you,” she said, whispering her unspoken permission to be kissed.

“I told you I had two left feet.” Aiden still held her firmly in his embrace, seemingly unaware of her weight and unwilling to let go.

Naked under her caftan, Carla felt her nipples harden against his bare chest. Glancing downwards, Aiden moaned. Suspending her in one arm, he slid his other hand to cup her buttocks, dragging her closer onto his body. His hot breath scorched her neck, and she pushed against his cheek like an affectionate cat. With his face tucked into her neck, his breathing deepened like he was trying to suck the life from her. Big heaving breaths tied them together as they caught each other’s tempo. Expertly, his supporting hand under her buttocks flexed and contracted, squeezing her arse and made Carla squirm with desire. Unable to stand the insistence of his hand any longer, she crawled onto him, wrapping her legs around his trunk. The thin silk of her caftan did little to conceal the wetness between her legs when her cleft opened onto his bare stomach. “Oh God, Carla,” he groaned.

Wrapped like two desperate souls, they clung tight to each other — she like a frightened child reluctant to let go and he the championing hero to her rescue. “Carla.”

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