Sinful Sex too Close to Home

Sinful Sex too Close to Home

The betrayal by his wife and best friend lead to drastic changes.

A wife just cannot help herself, she has to have just a little extra on the side. The husband’s best friend chooses to ‘help’ the wife instead of telling his best friend. Once discovered, the length the wife goes to obtain forgiveness is truly admirable. Once the hero discovers he is not the only member of his family to have been cheated on, see the lengths is he willing to go, to protect his loved ones.

The sex is vividly described and involved with both men and women with an extra woman thrown in occasionally. A wife soon finds out just how demanding her husband is, once he is free to pursue other women, even her friends, much to her surprise. The reader will also see the lengths the rich go to get what they want.

Reader Advisory: This book contains highly descriptive acts of sex and violence, which is not condoned by this author. The bad guys may deserve it but …

♥♥♥♥♥ X-Rated Erotica

48.808 words (108 pages)

Living With Past Sins 4


Julie listened to Derek’s demented logic. On the one hand, he was insulting her with an embellished version of the truth. He had indeed been paying attention and on the other hand he was offering a rational explanation for them cheating! The wife realized that it took a very smart man to talk one’s self into having sex with your best friend’s wife, and to then convince yourself it’s for the best for the friend’s marriage. It was pure and utter bullshit, but it showed Julie just how badly Derek wanted to continue to have sex with her, because what they did the other night was not making love, it pure, animalistic sex.

Julie said calmly, “I have to think about this, I really do.”

Derek, replied, “You can think about it while you give me a blowjob in my car, or we can go to the restroom, and you can bend over, and I will use your vagina this time. You are up about four or five orgasms on me right now, so I have some catching up to do.”

Julie’s pussy clenched at the thought. The sinful wife let out a sigh as she gave in. She loved restroom sex, and there was a restroom nearby. Why not take advantage of the opportunity? Restroom sex really did fit within her kinkiness boundaries; it was so dirty and primal. Without a word, she got up and walked toward the restrooms, making an effort not to look back over her shoulder to make sure Derek was following her. She knew he would be right behind her in more ways than one. She walked into the men’s room, without even thinking about the possibility that anyone was inside. The horny adulteress dropped her thong on the floor and bent over the toilet of one of the stalls and waited. She did not look around, even when two hands pulled her skirt up and exposed her hips, or when a man’s face slammed into her ass cheeks, and a tongue pierced her still slightly sore asshole. She just moaned.

Derek knew he had lost his mind; this was going to eventually cost him his best friend and several members of his family, because Justin was a close family friend, and you just did not do this to a friend. But he was doing it, and he could not stop himself. He changed his position and aimed his tongue at Julie’s pussy. She was already so wet, he thought he was going to drown. So after just a few swipes across her clit he unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the floor, pulled his painfully hard cock out of his boxers and drove balls deep in one thrust into his best friend’s wife’s vagina. He was not gentle. He pounded her and with each thrust he could hear her grunt like volleyball spiker winning a point with a slam. He reached around to touch her clit, and she came with a shudder after he barely touched it. Just ten or so strokes later, he emptied his balls into his best friend’s cheating wife.

Julie did not say a word. She rearranged her clothes, pulled up her thong and left. She went by where the girls were at and downed two shots of tequila for liquid courage and went home. Julie did not say a word to the girls. The girls all knew what she had done. They did not know with whom, but they could all smell a man on her. Julie sat in her car at the end of her street until she saw the lights in her house go off; then she slowly drove the last quarter mile home. She took off her shoes as she entered via the garage through to the kitchen door and slowly walked down the hall to her and Justin’s bedroom. She peeked in and noticed he was reading a book.

Julie whispered, “Honey, I’m home. The kids give you any trouble?”

Justin replied, “No all’s quiet on this front.”

Julie countered with, “I am going to jump into the shower. We walked out through a crowd of smokers tonight, and I smell like I lit up a cheap cigar. I will be right back.”

She stayed in the shower; washing her vagina and ass very thoroughly and hoping her husband would be asleep when she got out. No such luck. Julie’s mind kept telling her she was making a huge mistake, but she rationalized that it was too late to back out of the deal with Derek now. For better or worse. Oh hell, those are my marriage vows! She gave him a routine blowjob. Swallowed his cum like a good slut and went to sleep. The next morning she woke up and devoured Justin’s cock again. She loved the feel of a soft cock becoming hard, and she sucked it to ejaculation, swallowing all of Justin’s essence a second time in eight hours. That night she gave her husband anal and worked it like a pro.

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