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A wolf without a mate.  A witch who doesn’t date.

Kingsley gave up on meeting his fated one until Eva walked into his life and threw him a curveball—a puzzling dilemma he doesn’t know how to resolve. Her cheery laughter thrills him, her generous curves devour him, and her scent… dear God, her scent undoes him.

Eva had given up on men, but there is something about Kingsley she can’t resist. He is persistent, driven, affectionate, and different from the men in her past.

Kingsley, the Artic Wolf won’t take no for an answer, but witches and wolves don’t mix.  Or do they?

And Eva is dangerous…

PUBLISHER NOTE: Paranormal Romance. M/F. HEA. Wolf Shifter. 57,000 words. Standalone story. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

♥♥♥ Scorching-Hot Romance

M/F Romance

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He stared at his inn’s website page endlessly, unable to come up with any new ideas until he was interrupted by one of his staff members.

“Hey boss, is it okay if I take tomorrow off? The kids are heading back to school, and I have to get them enrolled.”

Kingsley waved his hand in the air and nodded his response. Family was important to him, and any staff member needing time to attend to family responsibilities was fine with him as long as he was adequately staffed.

One day he would have a family of his own. He sighed with the images popping into his brain. A girl, a boy and a beautiful wife stood by him on the front porch steps to his home. They were smiling, the girl holding a daisy in her hands sporting a toothy grin at an unseen camera capturing the image of their happiness forever. Eva was the beginning to his dream. Though she didn’t know it, they were meant to be together. His wife, his partner, would want for nothing. If Eva chose him, she would live a life of luxury beyond her imagination. She would be treated as a queen. No less would be worthy of his Eva.

He propped his long legs across the desk, crossing them at his ankles as he contemplated a future with his dream mate. Having only met her yesterday, still, he longed to touch her, kiss her, and share body heat with her under the covers of his bed. His wolf stirred within him, comfortable with pressing forward in the wooing and romance department with the starlet, but Kingsley’s human side knew rushing into anything with a human being would likely end up with her filing an injunction against him. Things never ended well when his impatient wolf dominated his rational human mind.

Through the years, he learned to take control of his impulsive wolf, tamping down his animal instincts to delight in softer subtleties. Women appreciated this. They understood it and most times, they fell under his spell, succumbing to his wolfish musky scent and his suave demeanor. Being a wolf had its rewards. Women were never scarce in number. They were drawn to him like bees to pollen. If he grew lonely, he only had to frequent a bar, a night club, or even a grocery store. Last night was a bit of a challenge, navigating around several horny women as he headed for the aisle filled with coffee and tea. There were apparently a lot of single hearts roaming about late at night in the most unlikely places.

Kingsley had met, dated, and bedded his share of women. Yes. But none were as divine or inspiring as Eva. All others paled in comparison. Eva was the only woman he wanted.

He inhaled deeply then exhaled, picturing Eva’s smiling face as she received the basket he left her. Not able to stick around to witness her opening the door and finding his gift, he imagined her pleased to have discovered it. If only he could have delivered it to her himself. The basket and his body—her gifts to explore at leisure and at will.
He made a high pitch whine as he imagined her hands roaming across his bare chest, her saucy smile widening with her eyes. Oh, the things he could to her. The things he looked forward to experiencing with her.

A satisfied sigh escaped his open smile as he closed his eyes, forming a mental image of his beauty. Who knew that his entire existence revolved around a single female? The fact that his fated mate was human made him chuckle. One never knew their fate until faced with it. Eva was his. Whether she accepted their combined fate or not was also in her hands. He would not force her to make a decision but wooing her in his direction, to choose him, was not beneath his standards or his capability.

He heard a knock at his door and turned to find a wide-eyed server rushing into his office, tripping over his feet to get to Kingsley. The server grabbed the edge of Kingsley’s desk and exploded in a wavelength of erratic words. “Beautiful girl, mad, at front door, wants to see you, inquiring, won’t leave.” He straightened himself and fixed his shirt, his tie askew with the commotion. “I’m sorry, sir.”

Kingsley stood up. “Who’s at the door? They’re asking about me?” Now that was strange. Who was upset with him? Was it a past girlfriend coming back to inquire if he was still single? He snorted. If so, her timing was off. However, he was perfectly content with telling whoever the female was that he was permanently off limits. He strode to the door when the server decided to describe the female.

“She’s cute in a buxom, wholesome kind of way. Long black hair, brown eyes, a pert nose… but a mouth that won’t stop asking about you. I’d say she’s five foot, two inches tall. Think Gladys told me her name is Eve or Evie.”

Kingsley’s back stiffened. He stopped in his tracks seconds before he whipped around to face the young male server. “Eva? Could her name be Eva?”

“Uh, yeah. Maybe.”

Kingsley grimaced, growling out words with sheer displeasure. “Eva is not some female!” He strode up to the server and placed a firm hand around the guy’s throat in warning. He held the server in his grip, careful not to squeeze… at least not yet. “She is not some random woman. And I don’t care for you checking her out. Leave her buxom beauty to me and my eyes only.”

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