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Seeing the future is hard, but facing it will be explosive

A Seer has surfaced—but she’s blind!

Chloe Santos is an immortal with a whole world of problems. The victim of an attempted murder that left her blind, horribly disfigured, and stuck with powers everyone thought eradicated, it’s safe to say she’s at a low point in her life. But then she’s blackmailed into investigating a kidnapping with links to her past. It could put herself, and everyone she cares about, in danger.

Including her Warrior Soulmate.

Phobos has a millennia of blood on his hands. As the son of Ares, he’s done horrific things in the name of keeping the continued existence of immortals a secret. Only all of that changes when he meets his Soulmate.

Allegiances shift, trust is thin and Chloe has to decide if she should risk everything to make the world a better place. Even if that means sacrificing her own chance at happiness.

READER ADVISORY: This Paranormal Romance contains a strong-willed goddess and her protective Warrior Soulmate who don’t appreciate the term ‘vanilla’ when it comes to the bedroom.

PUBLISHER NOTE: 74,500 words.

♥♥♥ Scorching-Hot Romance

M/F Romance

The Titanomachy – Book 1

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Finally, Boss comes back, swings me unceremoniously into his own arms while grunting at his brother, “You have door duty.” It doesn’t take him long to get to the bedroom, but by then my temper’s had a chance to smoulder.

“Do you want to tell me what your problem is?” He doesn’t say anything, just lays me gently on the bed, which has the unwelcome effect of cooling my temper some. “You can’t shut me out then let your temper run away with you when you don’t understand a situation.” With that, he drops his walls completely and the floodgates burst.

Red-tinged images of me and Ares, me laughing with Hephaistos, even me with his brother flood through me, but along with the anger lies a hurt and longing that brings me to my knees. And fear. As much as he desperately wants to claim me in front of all the others, his fear for my safety trumps everything. As open as he is at the moment, there’s still one secret I know he’s hiding.

“Okay, Boss, I get it. But when are you going to tell me about Ares?” Again that red flash of rage and I get glimpses of a conversation with his father that’s quickly shut down tight, under lock and key. Just like that, I’m angry again. I’m on a fricking rage rollercoaster.

“You’ll find out tomorrow.”

I open my mouth to give him a piece of my mind, but he stops it with his own. Instantly my bones turn to liquid and all thought flies from my head.

I’m not tired anymore.

Where our first kiss was all fire, this is a slow, melting exploration of my mouth that has me yearning for more. His tongue dances gently with mine and all of a sudden it’s not enough. I pull back, catching his bottom lip gently with my teeth, eliciting a gasp and a hungry growl.

“Why do you have so many clothes on?” I ask. The sensory thread between the two of us explodes and I’ve no idea where he ends and I begin. I reach for his shirt, desperately tugging it from his pants, running my nails across his moulded abs to get my fill of skin. His own are busy too. Instead of undoing his buttons, he rips it over his head, allowing me to explore. My hands trace his contours, moving up towards his pecks and, as my fingers reach his pebbled nipples, my mouth joins them.

Boss lets out a moan, his hands fisting in my hair then tracing down my spine. All of a sudden I’m on my back with a very aroused man on top of me. He grinds himself into me, the hard length of him rubbing against my clit, dress hiked up around my waist as I wrap myself around him.