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For the member of a famous rock ‘n’ roll band, Dazed bass player, Reno Rocket’s life is boringly normal, right down to the controlling girlfriend he has tucked away. When the new lead singer, Tanner Star arrives, Reno’s attraction to the rock legend and notorious Dom is immediate and frightening. The moment Tanner grinds against him on stage, his life is changed forever.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Gay, M/M, BDSM, Bondage.  67,400 words.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

M/M, BDSM Romance

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Wembley Arena, London

A SHIVER of awareness slid down Reno’s back. He averted his eyes from Tanner Star’s leather-clad, gyrating ass. Keep it together, jackass. In response to Tanner’s incredibly sexy moves, he had dissolved into another bout of lust. The singer had cast his erotic spell over him again. The heavy musk of hot, sweaty men filled his nostrils. His heart pounded. For a long time, he’d questioned his attraction to men, and in the last two months, Tanner Star had smashed it right in his face.

As he played the introduction to the final song, his cock stood to attention. Tanner’s choreographed sexual innuendos toward him during the encore each night had become an addiction. The new lead singer of Dazed had hit the media hard with his in-your-face attitude from the first concert on this world tour. The man advertised the fact he enjoyed BDSM, from his tight black leather pants to his studded belt and cuffs. Some nights a flogger hung from his back pocket, and the fans ate it up.

Tanner gave Reno a long, sultry look and moved his hot gaze slowly up and down his body. Their gazes locked. Reno clenched his ass in anticipation. The crowd roared encouragement. The stage trembled.

The singer strutted in his direction. His smooth baritone voice belted out the heavy rock song with consummate ease. Reno’s pulse quickened. He tossed the hair from his face and concentrated on the instrument in his hand — not that this raunchy song had one chance in hell of soothing his shattered nerves.

A primal beat thudded through the soles of his feet. He dropped his head, nodding in time to the music. The lead guitarist began a long solo, and Reno’s heartbeat increased in expectation.

A strong hand slid around his waist. The audience roared in approval. Damp breath brushed his cheek. The heat of Tanner’s body burned through his clothes. The man molded against him, and his hard shaft wedged in the cleft of Reno’s buttocks. God, he wanted to rub his ass all over him.

The singer ground his hips in a well-rehearsed erotic move. With a groan, Reno leaned into Tanner’s muscular chest and tipped his head back on the man’s shoulder. The scent of aftershave and hot, clean male hit him hard.

The crowd began to chant. “Kiss him, kiss him.”

Reno’s attention flicked to the massive screen. The intense expression on Tanner’s face spoke volumes. He lifted his chin and fell into the singer’s hot gaze. His fingers froze on the base. He swallowed to cut off the groan threatening to expose his desire.

His knees trembled. Tanner’s big palm burned a scorching path to Reno’s hip. The man’s hard shaft pressed into him. The bass guitar slid beneath his sweat-soaked palms.

“I want you, vanilla boy.” Tanner’s teeth closed on Reno’s earlobe.

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