Party of a Lifetime

Party of a Lifetime

When you accidentally run into the chance of a lifetime, do you embrace it, no matter what the conditions?

Eighteen-year-old native girl Dian Cinta has aspirations to save enough money for a college course—a tall order for someone who works at a coffee stand.

But when she agrees to accompany billionaire Joseph van der Waals for a year as he travels the world in his private jet, it seems like the chance of a lifetime to impoverished Dian—until she learns that Joseph prefers his employees to share his appetite for sexual experimentation.

As she wonders what she has let herself in for, Joseph’s entourage lands in Bangkok, and Dian is driven to a luxury resort hotel by two of the women. Once there, the sexual heat is cranked up from sultry to red-hot, and Dian is caught up in a wave of experiences, the like of which she’d never even dreamed.

Reader Advisory: The mile-high club has never been this crowded before. Five men and women promised body and soul to a billionaire.

It could get messy.

PUBLISHER NOTE: M/F, F/F, F/M/F, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism. 19,369 words.

♥♥♥♥♥ X-Rated Erotica

19,369 words (52 pages)

Jet-Set Billionaires 2


They stood in the center of the tub, and arranged themselves back-to-back, with their arms linked at the elbows. Sam faced Pat and Carmen, his long cock standing proud of the bubbling water; Joseph faced me and Jenna, his shorter but thicker cock exactly level with the water’s surface.

Trepidation filled me at the sight of Joseph’s circumcised member. Did he expect me to pleasure him now? What would happen if I didn’t? Would he force himself upon me?

But Jenna moved forward, curling her fingers around his thick shaft. She grinned up at our collective boss as she pressed her lips to his exposed and shining head. He didn’t say a word as her tongue emerged and teased the sensitive flesh, and any subtle sounds he might have made were lost beneath the noise of the hot tub.

For the second time that day, I witnessed a woman giving pleasure to a man. This time, though, it wasn’t such a shock. I watched carefully where she used her tongue—on the sensitive underside of the head—and how she used her lips, mimicking vulva lips as she slid the head into her mouth and back out again.

One of Joseph’s hands cupped the back of Jenna’s head, setting her rhythm. I noted the subtle rock of his hips toward her face as he pulled her forward. Within moments, he was sliding half of his length into her mouth, and his quiet groans could be heard over the bubbling water.

Unlike Amy’s pleasuring of Sam, which happened when I was beneath Belle and Jem, this display was much closer, and perfectly clear. A strange excitement built inside me, a thrill that I was able to witness such an open and erotic display. My eyes moved briefly to the others, where Pat and Carmen were taking turns at sucking Sam’s longer cock. Their smiles were radiant, their movements eager. Pat winked at me as she pumped Sam’s shaft, her lips forming an ‘O’ around the swollen head. As I watched her take him into her mouth, something clicked inside me, like a muscular switch being thrown. Heat flowed through my muscles, tightening them. I turned to Jenna; her eyes met mine, and she quirked an eyebrow. I nodded. She pulled back, releasing Joseph’s cock, which shone in the underwater light of the hot tub.

The next second stretched into forever. I caught my lower lip between my teeth as I second-guessed my next move. What I did next would change everything between Joseph and me; there would be no going back. If I touched him now, it would be a step down the road to sleeping with him, and I still wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

But I wanted to do this. I wanted to learn, and there might never be a better opportunity. Only Jenna and Joseph were watching, which was one more than I’d prefer, but still better than the entire complement of a private jet staring at me. Jenna smiled as she slid her hand up and down Joseph’s shaft, keeping him hard for whatever fun was to follow. I steeled myself, made my decision, and then leaned in to press my lips against his manhood for the very first time.

The smooth skin was slick and warm. I wasn’t brave enough to open my mouth, but when Jenna moved in to kiss the opposite side, I parted my lips and let Joseph’s swollen flesh slide a little way into my mouth. I bobbed my head back and forward, never taking more than the head past my lips, but Joseph groaned as I performed my cautious fellatio. His hand moved onto the back of my head, but he didn’t apply any pressure, for which I was grateful.

I lifted a hand and pressed it to his trimmed pubic hair, one thumb positioned beneath his shaft, and my fingers resting on his tummy. Although this was only the second time I’d sucked a man, I already felt I’d improved. Watching Jenna, and Amy before her, had helped a great deal. My lips pretended to be my pussy, surrounding the sensitive cock-head as it slid in and out of my mouth. But my pussy didn’t have a tongue, so I was able to add extra pleasure when I used the tip to tease the underside of his cock. In that moment, I realized why sex with the mouth could be more pleasurable than simple fucking.

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