Men For Hire

Men For Hire

An anthology of four delicious, erotic stories, each beautifully crafted for your enjoyment.

Got Muscle…? by Tina Donahue

It’s so nice to have a hunk around the house…

As a recent transplant from New York, Bree’s certain her company transferred her to the London office because she wasn’t model-thin like the American staff. To rectify that, she’s bought a home gym. Now all she needs is someone to put the bloody thing together so she can sweat herself into a micro mini.

David has muscle to spare. Tall, dark, and sinfully handsome, he’s doing odd jobs until he gets his start-up off the ground. As far as David’s concerned, Bree’s lush curves don’t need improving, just a man who can appreciate them. He’ll definitely give her all the exercise she needs.

M/F  ♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

Menage at Mealtime by Bella Settarra

Naomi Powell nervously prepares for a dinner party where she hopes to secure a lucrative deal with a new publisher. Her ex, Richard, is also attending with his new girlfriend, Naomi’s best friend, Paula.

When Naomi hears a bird stuck in her chimney she urgently calls ‘Men for Hire’ for help. Two gorgeous guys, Aaron and James, come to her rescue. Not only do they solve her chimney problem, they woo her guests and give Naomi the time of her life—ménage-style!

However, when Richard announces that he wants Naomi back, will she follow convention or follow her heart?

M/F/M Ménage ♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

Calculated Risk by Michelle Roth

Stella Whitman has inherited her mother’s country home. When she finds it in utter disrepair, her cousin suggests that she call Men for Hire in search of a handyman. When he arrives, she’s somewhat shocked to find that his deep brown eyes and rugged good looks are giving her some very inappropriate thoughts.

Despite his instant attraction to Stella, Ian Starling has convinced himself that they need to keep things strictly professional. He’s been burnt before and has vowed never again. It becomes increasingly more difficult as he gets to know her, though. Then one rainy night changes everything…

M/F ♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

Marital Duties by Jennifer Denys

Delighted her ‘Men for Hire’ business was doing so well, Jennifer wasn’t expecting several of her clients to fall in love with her employees. At least they were getting sex. She was married and didn’t even get that most basic of husbandly tasks.

An idea came to her, and she amusingly completed an employee request form, asking her husband to do his marital duties.

Rob was stunned when he received the form mistakenly sent out by Jennifer’s assistant. Well, if his lovely wife wanted him to perform his duties, he would undertake them. Only, it wouldn’t be what she was asking for…

M/F ♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

Total 43,756 words (120 pages)


Men for Hire anthology excerpts…

Got Muscle? by Tina Donahue

M/F  ♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

“Sorry about the temperature,” she said. “I don’t have any fans yet. Can I get you some ice water?”

“That’d be great. Do you mind if I…?”

Bree was halfway to her feet when she stopped and looked over, wondering why he hadn’t finished. David gestured to his tee. She wasn’t certain what he meant, and then suddenly she did. “You want to take it off?”

“Not if it bothers you.”

Was he kidding? If he’d been stripping on stage, screen or the Internet, Bree would have gladly paid top dollar to see it.

“It’s really hot in here,” he added.

“I don’t mind—you taking off your tee, that is. Go ahead. Please. Get comfortable.”

He pulled the garment up, exposing his navel. A swirl of dark hairs surrounded the depression before dipping to his groin and disappearing beneath the waistband of his jeans. Bree could count each one of his abs they were that defined, his pecs nothing but hard slabs of smooth muscle. His tat decorated part of the right one, along with his shoulder and bruising biceps. The hair in his pits was as silky, thick, and dark as the stuff on his head.

The room seemed to spin.

Once he had the tee off, he mopped his face with it and let out a relieved sigh.

If Bree could have managed to pull in that much air, she would have been sighing too. On unsteady legs, she went to the kitchen and rested her forehead against the fridge to cool down and collect her thoughts. With David’s great looks, he had to be an out-of-work actor or model, doing these gigs so he could survive before hitting the big time. He would too. Bree had no doubt of that.

She brought two glasses of water into the living area, handing one to him. Again, his fingers brushed hers causing something inside Bree to flutter. Giddy with desire, she gulped her water, not coming up for air until she’d finished it.

David sipped his slowly, watching her over the rim of his glass. She figured the heat, not her, had flushed his face. Even so, a girl could dream. Seeing how hot he still was and feeling bad about it, Bree grabbed a dishtowel from the counter and flapped it at him. He lowered his glass. “What are you doing?”

“Fanning you to keep you cool while you work.”

A low chuckle rumbled from deep within him, the sound potently male. “You don’t have to do that.” He grabbed the end of the towel and used it to reel Bree in until she was sitting on the floor next to him, their knees touching. Even that small intimacy sent her pulse into a sprint.

“I want to help,” she protested, all too breathlessly.

“You can hand me stuff, read the instructions out loud, and answer any questions I might have.” He leaned toward her, delivering a waft of his wonderful fragrance. “Okay?”

Ménage at Mealtime by Bella Settarra

M/F/M Ménage  ♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

Naomi felt her whole body go limp and she leaned against the ladder for support. These two hunks certainly seemed to like her and she felt a glow inside her at the thought. After Richard had left her, she had felt old, as though she was left on the shelf, but somehow these guys made her feel like a woman again. Again? She had never felt like this before, even when she was young and slimmer. She had never been slim or beautiful, but she used to think she looked all right. As she had got older she lost her confidence somewhat, and now that she had lost her partner to her—younger—best friend she felt like a total crone!

“I’m coming!” Aaron’s shout seeped into her thoughts, into her bones, and she suddenly felt warm. I wish!

Grinning to herself she peeled her body away from the ladder and held it firmly as she felt his weight. That heavenly ass got nearer and nearer and she kept the ladder steady for him. She felt his body brush against hers as he reached the bottom and he was momentarily wrapped in her arms as he stood at the foot of the ladder.

“Thanks, love.” His voice was sultry as he turned, still in her arms, and put his muscular arms around her, kissing her gently on top of her head. She loved that he was so tall—she guessed they must both be over six foot, with him an inch or two taller than James.

She was still gripping the sides of the ladder and felt it jolt as the top became heavier. Aaron elegantly stooped under her arm and stood behind her, his big hands covering hers.

“He’s a bit heavier than me,” he murmured into her ear by way of explanation—or an excuse, she mused. She wasn’t complaining either way!

James’s ass was every bit as enticing as his friend’s and she relished the sight of it getting closer to her as he descended. She felt Aaron’s body envelope hers as she waited and then James was right in front of her, his body glistening with sweat and smelling of spice. For a second she thought she had died and gone to heaven as she was surrounded by both men, and she gasped uncontrollably.

“Thanks, baby.” James spun around in her arms and put his hands around her neck, kissing her forehead gently.

Naomi closed her eyes as both men stood with their arms around her, their huge erections digging into her soft flesh through the denim. They squeezed her tightly and she didn’t want to move. Eventually, she prized her hands from the wooden sides of the ladder and wrapped them around James, while leaning back into Aaron’s pounding chest. They were probably only there for a matter of seconds, but it felt like hours.

“Let’s get this chimney swept,” Aaron suggested at last. “We don’t want to give you any reason to complain about us to the boss.”

She sighed. No chance of that! Slowly she took her arms from around James and they all loosened their grip.

“I’ll make a start on the chimney if you want to put the ladders away,” James offered.

Aaron nodded and grinned, as Naomi led the way back inside.

“I’ve got some beer in the fridge?” Naomi offered as soon as she and James reached the dining room again.

“You’re a lifesaver!” He grinned.

She went into the kitchen and pulled out a couple of cans before quickly pouring herself a glass of water. She badly needed to cool down!

James had pushed the brush up the chimney and was busy adding rods to its length when she put the can beside him. He was crouched on the hearth, still panting a little.

“Want me to open it?” She could see that he had his hands full and he was obviously hot—in more ways than one!

Calculated Risk by Michelle Roth

M/F ♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

She raised her hips and worked them against his hand, and moaned, “I want you inside me, Ian. Be inside me. I ache.”

He removed his fingers from her, a pained look on his face and said, “I didn’t exactly plan for this. I don’t have a condom. I really hope you’ve got one.”

I do,” Stella said. She rolled over and pulled an unopened box from the bedside table. Opening it, she tore one off the strip and handed it to him.

Without any further ado, he tore open the package and rolled it over his hard length. He settled himself in between her thighs, his cock nudging against her opening. With one hand, he framed her face. The other guided him slowly inside her.

When he was buried fully inside her, she wrapped her legs around his waist and rolled her hips experimentally against him. She felt so full. So stretched.

The groan that left Ian sounded almost pained. His eyes fluttered closed as he said, “Don’t move, or this will be over quickly, Stella. It’s been a while since…”

Stella saw the strain on his face and the words just fell from her lips, “For me too. I’m already on the edge. You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted this.”

Ian shook his head as he began to slowly work his hips against hers. He said, “I know, Stella. Every single time I saw those pouty lips of yours, I couldn’t help but think of them wrapped around my cock. That beautiful round ass of yours. I kept picturing it rosy pink from the palm of my hand. I wanted to fuck your tight little pussy with my tongue, my fingers, my cock … until you screamed so loud you were hoarse from it. And then I wanted to do it all over again.” His hips slapped against hers now, punctuating each word as he said, “I—have—every—idea.”

Marital Duties by Jennifer Denys

M/F  ♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

“Let me show you the cupboard.”

As he took her arm, pulling her off the table, she protested, “I’ve seen the cupboard.”

“Ah, but you don’t know what I found.”

Peering from behind him, Jennifer saw the cupboard was beautifully tidy. “It looks terrific.”

He grabbed something too quickly for her to see what it was and then shut the door equally swiftly, pushing her back against it. “Lean back and open your legs.”

“I beg your pardon.”

Rob tapped her knees. “You heard me. Open them. I need to show you what I found in my search.”

Mystified, Jennifer did as he requested, holding back a cry as he dragged down her knickers, pulling them totally off. She soon found out. It was a new mini vibrator that she’d forgotten she had bought in her desperation for sexual relief. He knelt at her feet, pushing a hand up under her skirt to hold the buzzing sex toy at her clit, pressing hard just at the angle he knew to set her off.

She did call out then, “Christ Almighty! Rob.”

“Is that good?”

It was too good. She thrust a hand down. Not to stop him, but to hold him tightly against her as her pussy throbbed. Jennifer bit her lip, holding back. She needed more. She needed him.

“Jennifer. Look at me.”

She glanced down and saw her husband smile up at her, with an enigmatic expression.

“I need you to confirm I’ve done my cleaning correctly by saying, ‘yes.’”

Her body was thrumming as she tried to take this in. She wasn’t sure what he meant, so she quietly complied.

Rob laughed. “Uh-uh. Not that sort of yes. I want you to come.”


At that moment, he started circling her clit, knowing just what she needed.

“Yes, yes, yes. Oh, God. Yes! Yes!” She finished with an exhalation of air.

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