Melting Down Under

Melting Down Under

Brand:HC Brown

When calendar boy Zac, arrives from an interstate fire station to join the Gold Coast crew, the heat in the firehouse turns up to melting and the hot man he desires is just waiting for a bad boy to dominate.

Reader Advisory: Contains scenes of forced seduction, bondage, BDSM, and adventure. Take a Walk on the Wild Side.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

17,062 words (43 pages)

MM, BDSM, Anal Sex, Bondage, Forced Seduction


Ryan strolled into the kitchen and pushed the beer into the refrigerator. He pulled out a bottle, spun off the top, and drank thirstily. The icy brew spilled down his parched throat. Holding the cool, damp bottle to his cheek, he sighed glad to be free for a few days. Catching sight of a large box of condoms and two tubes of lube on the counter, he grinned. He lifted his gaze to the doorway to see Zac propped against the doorframe studying him, with a towel hanging loosely around his slim hips.

The sight of all that damp, naked flesh so close made his stomach drop. His cock rose in appreciation and his balls tightened, demanding satisfaction. Zac sauntered toward him and, with one hot swipe, licked the condensation from the bottle off his cheek. He stood back, and the tip of his wet tongue slid across his full lips. Without saying a word, he took the beer from him, and guzzled it down. Beer trickled from the corner of his mouth and his Adam’s apple moved with each swallow. Unable to resist, Ryan leaned toward him and sipped the amber liquid from his hot flesh.

Zac lowered the bottle and with his eyes dancing with mischief, poured a stream of beer over Ryan’s nipple. When he bent to lap and tease the aching bud Ryan groaned and bit his lip against the rush of pure unadulterated pleasure. He leaned on the counter, and allowed Zac to pleasure him. After licking him clean and planting hot, open-mouthed kisses down his chest, Zac moved his attentions to his belt. His long fingers swiftly undid the top button of Ryan’s pants. The touch of the man’s fingers chilled and damp from the cold beer bottle sent a shiver of delight curling around Ryan’s balls.

He rested a hand on Zac’s shoulder. “I need a shower.”

“And I need a man to smell like a man. You are just right.” Zac dropped dark lashes over his sultry gaze and eased down his zipper.

As Zac pushed down his boxers, cool air brushed his heated skin. The man grinned wolfishly at his rampant shaft, and closed his cool fingers around his burning flesh.  A growl came from deep in his chest then he bent his head and pressed his full lips against his willing mouth. Moaning in pleasure, Ryan cupped his face and pushed his tongue deep, tasting beer and hot, delicious man. He thrust his tongue, in and out, keeping time with the hand moving with urgency on his cock.

“I can’t wait, any longer. I must have you.” Zac lifted his head. “Bend over the counter.”

Ryan stepped out of his clothes and kicked them to one side. He raised a brow. “You want to do me … and here, in the kitchen?” He raised both eyebrows in question. “You do know I’m a top, right?”

“What difference does that make? With me, you’ll need to give and take. Let me give you pleasure this time and next time I’ll do anything you want. Cross my heart.” Zac lowered his lashes as if waiting for permission.

Indecision made his hands shake. He met the man’s hooded gaze. Damn he oozed sex appeal. “They all warned me about you and your bad boy image.”

“I told you I wasn’t nice, but that trait can benefit you too. Who wants a good boy? Not you I’m guessing?”

 The idea of Zac deep inside him made his hole twitch in anticipation. “Hmm, okay maybe just this once.”

“You won’t be sorry.”  Zac grinned and handed him a tube of lube. “Grease up your tight little arse while I take care of business.”  He turned away to open the box of condoms, emptying the contents onto the counter in haste.

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