Forbidden: The Boys of Banana Court

Forbidden: The Boys of Banana Court

Josh and Darius’s Story

Darius Moore moved to Sarasota for a chance to grow closer to his mother, Estelle, who gave up custody when Darius was thirteen. The warm and friendly reunion and living arrangement was not what he had expected, neither was her attitude toward his dating not only men, but white men, namely Josh.

As the men’s relationship begins to heat up, Darius’s relationship with his mother goes from difficult to disastrous. Against his better judgment, Darius continues to see Josh as Josh decides to ignore Estelle’s warning to stay away from her son.

As the couple begin to find happiness, will life do its best to keep them apart?

Reader Advisory: This Gay Romance contains hot sex between men of varying shades. Why settle for vanilla when you can have much more?

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

25,097 words (66 pages)

M/M Gay Romance, Anal Sex, Multicultural

The Boys of Banana Court 2

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“Let’s go over here,” Josh suggested, squinting into the darkness. “There’s a flat spot on the sand that doesn’t get too saturated during high tide.” Josh guided Darius close to the water’s edge, the sound of the surf crashing on shore pounding in his ears. It was a perfect spot to have sex; no one would be able to hear his moans of ecstasy over the surf. Josh stopped and turned. “Can you kiss me the same way you did before?”

“Sure, but from what you said earlier, I figured that you wanted to take things slowly.”

Josh pressed his body against Darius. “Fuck that,” Josh said into his ears. “And fuck me.”

They were down on the sand before Josh knew what had happened. Darius’s hands were skilled at undoing buttons in record time. His shirt successfully shed, Darius moved on to Josh’s pants. “Damn, are you a magician? I’ve never been undressed so quickly.”

With one yank, Josh’s pants and underwear were down around his ankles. “I don’t want to waste time on the small stuff, and I don’t intend to get interrupted when I’m sucking you off.”

What can I say to that, Josh thought, except, “Have at it.”

Lying flat on his back, the sand cool against his heated skin, Josh felt Darius’s mouth engulf his cock. Josh placed his hands on the back of Darius’s head as his lover rode his cock with his mouth. He fixated on the full moon directly overhead as the rush of orgasm overcame him. The crash of waves melded with his passionate cries, Darius taking every last drop of his load. When Josh was able to return to earth, he blinked Darius into focus.

“How in the holy hell did you make me come so quickly? I’m almost embarrassed how quickly I shot.” He swallowed laboriously. “Almost.”

“You do something to me,” Darius admitted. “The way you walk, the way you smile, the way you taste.” He licked his bottom lip. “You’re perfection.”

“I feel like I’m the one who should be saying that to you. What you did … down there”—Josh swallowed again—“was simply amazing.”

“I pride myself on my cock-sucking abilities.”

Even in the darkness, Josh could still see Darius’s brilliant smile. “I can understand why.”

Josh scanned the immediate area for any onlookers or cops on patrol, hoping to catch people in the middle of exactly what they were doing right then.

They were safe.

“I have a fantasy you can help me out with,” Josh said. “That is, if you’re willing.”

“If it includes anything to do with that sweet ass of yours, count me in.”

Josh reached into his pants pocket and dug out a condom that he had placed there earlier just in case the night turned out the way it was going. “Take down your pants,” he commanded.

Darius’s jeans and underwear were out of the way as fast as Josh could say Levi Strauss. He chuckled inwardly, heady with the power he had over the attractive man.

“Stick out your hand,” Josh now directed.

Darius did what he was told.

Already hard, Darius tore the foil wrapper with his teeth. “Turn over.” It was his turn to get bossy.

Josh turned over and got on all fours. He reached behind him and swatted sand off his butt. “I’m ready.”

Sliding the condom onto his dick, Darius said, “You’d better be.”

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