Down and Dirty in Rio

Down and Dirty in Rio

Brand:HC Brown

The moment wealthy executive Brack Fargo sets foot in Rio to establish a new marina, his life becomes complicated. Used to sophisticated lovers, his world is turned upside down when the magnetic and oh, so sexy deckhand, Serge walks into his life.

His new lover soon teaches him how down and dirty they do things in Rio.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

27,067 words (65 pages)

MM, Gay Romance, Anal Sex

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Brack Fargo ran a hand over the small dog tucked under his arm and strolled toward the old office he currently shared with French’s Cruises with the smell of paint from his new high-rise building still tainting the sea breeze. He’d found he’d liked the idea of living in Rio and moving his head office from California to Sao Conrado, Rio’s upscale southern district, had been a sensible decision. After all, he did have reliable people to run his stateside businesses and could fly back if necessary.

The loss of his longtime secretary and best friend, Sue had forced the move. He needed her and trusted her to keep him sane, but she’d insisted on moving to Rio to be with her new husband. The creation of a marina with Sue to oversee the work in his absence had been essential to keep her in his life. Now he’d tied up all the loose ends and settled his future plans—well almost. He craved to have a particular man in his life and if he planned to reel in his dream lover, he needed to be in Rio armed with the right bait.

Pausing outside the office door to Fargo Marina, he gazed toward the berths and visualized his new sailing boat, his bait of choice, moored in the premier position. He moved his attention to the number of berths already in use and smiled with delight. A brilliant investment, if I do say so myself.


Inside the office, Sue was on the phone discussing the virtues of his marina with a potential client. Rather than disturb her, he strolled to the window and stared down the long, bleached wooden walkway beside the pristine rows of yachts to the graceful man working on the deck of a schooner. Serge

A gust of wind tumbled his dark blond hair, streaked from long days at sea. The Rio de Janeiro sun glistened over his sweat-soaked body, tanned to a golden brown. His gaze drifted across the distance pinpointing the handsome, chiseled face. He visualized the man’s blue expressive eyes and the fullness of his lips. Oh, man, how he longed to nibble the day-old stubble on his chin and flick his tongue in the corners of his smile.

He tilted his head back and closed his eyes, overwhelmed with an ache to sink his fingers into the silky mass falling to the young man’s shoulders. He inhaled. The smell of seaweed mixed with the ocean’s brine drifted through the window and their earlier meeting came to mind. Serge’s preference for expensive French cologne surprised him. Its citrus fragrance mingled with his natural musk and drove him crazy with the need to bury his nose in his neck.

He leaned a shoulder against the window frame and watched Serge secure the rigging with the skill of many years at sea. His cut-off jeans displayed strong thighs and the way the frayed fabric melded to his muscular ass—Dear God! He chuckled and glanced self-consciously at Sue. The man had become an obsession. He turned his attention back to the eye-candy outside and gripped the window ledge.

Serge made him hard with one glance of his sapphire eyes. Brack bit his bottom lip at the memory of their lingering handshake. The warmth of Serge’s callused hand and the way his long fingers, burnished by the sun, curled around his palm. He groaned and his balls throbbed at the thought of the man’s rough thumb circling his cockhead.

Shaking his head to clear the image of Serge stretched out naked on his bed, he chewed on his bottom lip. Did he have a snowflake’s chance in hell with a younger guy? Sure, they got on well enough together. How often had he discussed the latest soccer game with Serge? Okay, so they had sports in common but little else.

With a sigh, Brack contemplated the situation. For a start, Serge had to be five years his junior. The man of his dreams lived in a different world and had a different class of friends. What chance did he have to fit in his ‘live every day like it’s your last’ attitude toward life? As much as he wanted to run off into the sunset with him, he had a business to run and people who depended on him.

As if the man had read his thoughts, Serge lifted his head and flashed a brilliant smile in his direction. Without a second thought, he smiled and returned the man’s wave. His face grew hot. Damn, he knows I’ve been watching him.

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