Chase Me

Chase Me

Ordered to collect payment from a connection, Chase Carter ends up rescuing his boss’ adopted daughter instead. When she awakens in his car in a mad dash across town, she doesn’t want to go home. She wants to go with him to be safe, at his secluded cottage, where nobody would dare touch her . . .

Sam has been in love with Chase since she could remember. He’s hot as fire, tough as nails, and The Big Guy’s best enforcer. One night alone with him lights a spark she cannot deny, so she gives him a night he’ll never forget. But somebody else has a different idea, and what he has in mind could shred their new passion to pieces.

PUBLISHER NOTE: A M/F Erotic Contemporary Romance. 8,700 words.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

M/F Romance

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For too long she’d avoided men because none of them compared to Chase Carter. Even knowing the risks involved in his line of work, she knew that he could take care of her, in more ways than one. And she wasn’t too clueless not to notice how he looked at her. He stared at her like she was a tall glass of water and he’d just walked out of the desert.

She unzipped his jeans, reached inside and gripped his thick rod.

Chase tightened his grip on the steering wheel. “Jesus Christ. How can you possibly want this after being drugged?”

“I’m tougher than you think.” Sam stroked him slowly, staring at the war of emotion playing out on his face. “Have you ever thought about me doing this to you?”

She crouched down on the seat and pulled his cock out of his jeans, guiding it to her mouth. With a tentative lick, she tasted him, flicking her tongue over and around his bulbous head. She’d dreamt of this for so long, and now he was finally at her mercy.

“Stop,” he groaned, shifting in his seat. “You shouldn’t be doing this, especially after what almost happened today.”

She smiled, even though he couldn’t see it. That was the Chase she knew — protective of her even at a moment like this. Trying to steer her away even while his dick was in her mouth. He may have found her in a bad way, but at least she had no memory of it. All she knew was that Chase had saved her from something horrible, and she loved him. She wanted to please him, wanted to show him how much his pleasure would make her happy.

“I’ll stop when I’m damn well ready. Tell me what you did to Eddie.”

She took his shaft all the way into her mouth and flexed her throat muscles. A heady, hot ache blossomed between her legs. She wanted his cock inside her, wanted him to forget his responsibilities and make her his.

Chase moaned, his pelvis softly rocking, pumping himself deeper. “I pounded the piss out of him for you.”

Sam squeezed his shaft at the base while she continued working her mouth up and down.

His body tensed, and she felt the car sway on the road. She knew he was close to release.

“Was there a lot of blood?”

“Yeah . . .”

“Mmm. Did it turn you on?” She sucked harder, drawing him in deep until his balls tightened.

Maybe it was the excitement of him fighting for her, or maybe knowing their relationship had just reached a new level, Sam continued stroking him, harder, more forcefully as she impaled her mouth on his thick cock. Her panties were soaked, and she wanted so badly to straddle him and ride him until she shook with satisfaction. But that would have to wait ’til later, if she could find a way to make him give in.

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