Bonus Balls

Bonus Balls

If Cindy won’t go to the balls, fill her house with them instead.

Cindy has enjoyed a year of carefree dating, meeting with men for casual fun, but her regret over missing out on a foursome continues to irritate her.

Her best friend Sandy decides the time has come to put things right, even if Cindy is too ashamed to confess how desperately she needs to be with two guys at once.

Sandy uses the opportunity of an intimate photoshoot to get things rolling, persuading Cindy into near-nudity, and stoking her friend’s libido before encouraging her into a night of wild debauchery where both women get sweaty, sticky, and exhausted—for several different reasons.

Reader Advisory: Contains scenes of nudity and vivid descriptions of public, and same-room sex.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Contemporary Erotic M/F/M, F/M/F, and F/F encounters. 44,000 words.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

The Erotic Adventures of Cindy Wicked – Book 4


Cindy’s bewildered feet carried her through the crowd as she kept Sandy in sight, who glanced back once to wink at Cindy, but not once did her steps falter. As they passed beyond the edge of the lights, the shadows closed in, and Cindy’s eyes took a moment to adjust. When they reached the back of the club, a spot where the music became less intrusive, and the flashing lights failed to penetrate, Sandy spun Neil around and pushed him against a pillar.

“Oh, my god, I’m so horny tonight!” She pressed her mouth against his, and the two kissed hungrily. Cindy watched in astonishment as her friend’s hands slid down the young man’s body, to meet at the top of his zip. The moment her intentions became clear to him, his entire body stiffened, although he made no move to stop her. A moment of fumbling later, pink skin flashed between their two bodies, and Sandy’s forearms began moving rhythmically.

“That is so hot.” Luke slid his hands around Cindy’s waist and laid his chin on her shoulder. He kissed her briefly on the cheek, but his attention seemed focused on the action in front of them. Neil’s kisses grew deeper; his jaw worked hard and both heads rolled as their tongues writhed. Luke’s hands slid up Cindy’s bare midriff, exploring her body. An instant before they found her breasts, she reacted, protecting herself with outspread fingers.

“Aw . . .” he murmured, but he accepted her reluctance, and didn’t force her hands away. Instead, he laid his hands on top of hers, perhaps hoping she might change her mind. But he didn’t spare her bottom, though. He bent his knees and pressed the hard flesh between her cheeks, rocking his hips to rub himself against her. Cindy rose up on her toes to engage in the very public dry humping.

By now, Neil was groaning. One hand pulled hard against Sandy’s neck, and the other gripped her bottom, squeezing tightly. Her hands continued to work hard, stroking him rapidly. His hips rocked in time to her stroking, and deep shudders racked his body. Initially, Cindy had wondered how far her friend planned to go with Neil, whether she planned to screw, or even blow him, but it was increasingly obvious he was going to get nothing more than a hand job from her.

Sandy lifted a hand, broke the kiss long enough to spit into her palm, and resumed stroking, As Cindy wondered how much longer he would last, a long groan filled her ear. Luke pressed himself against her and shuddered, thrusting himself hard into her bottom several times. His entire body stiffened, and then seconds later, went limp, sliding down and almost costing Cindy her balance.

She put a foot behind her, struggling to stay upright until Luke’s knees regained their strength. As his hands slid off her, Sandy’s efforts paid dividends. Four shuddered heavily, bucked his hips several times and cried out. With their kiss broken, Sandy was able to glance down as her hands were splattered with cum. She shuffled her feet back and Cindy saw thick drops land on the floor between the pair.

Neil squirmed as her hands continued to move on his cock, milking him of every drop. But super-sensitivity quickly overcame him, and he seized her forearms to make her stop.

“Did you like that, baby?” she asked with a pout. “Did you have fun?”