Blue Tides

Blue Tides

Welcome home lost fragile souls. Find solace in casting worldly troubles away to my blue tides…so sayeth the Ocean.

Attending the wedding of two close friends, as well as seeking to cleanse her troubled thoughts, Lauren is drawn back to her beloved beach house just north of Cape Hatteras by the lure of the ocean’s blue tides. Spellbound by the echoes of crashing waves and the unexpected sight of a soaring kite, she makes her way down to the beach. There she encounters a message in a bottle in the form of a carefree younger man.

Drawn in by Brody’s free-spirited presence Lauren forgoes her intended solitude by inviting him in. As their weekend time together passes, to each other they reveal how carelessly they were cast away by those they loved. Their mutual attraction fuels cravings to be desired once more. Yet the depths of a secret she initially withholds from him clouds their future together.

Will she accept salvation from his message in a bottle…or cast him back to the blue tides?

♥♥ Sizzling Romance


14,262 words

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From her vantage point, there upon the deck, she could see for a mile in both directions. It was to the north of her that her attention was being drawn. A yellow kite decorated with a happy face held its firm position within the wind. As much as she craved her solitude for these few days, it was nice in a way to know there were other souls who had been drawn, like her, to the blue tides. After making her way down a staircase leading to a patio and hot tub, Lauren then walked over a path made of wooden planks before descending another wooden staircase.

What she saw…was somewhat unexpected. Standing there, shirtless and barefoot, was a young man who seemed oblivious to the chill of the late December air. His washboard abs and nicely muscled arms and chest had attractive male-model qualities. As she walked closer to him she could see the relaxed expression upon his face as he commanded his happy kite’s flight. He saw her walking toward him and offered a wave to her.

“Excuse me. I don’t mean to disrupt you…but aren’t you a little underdressed for the weather? It just seems a little crazy to me, that’s all,” she said to the now smiling young man.

“I’m the sane one. It’s the rest of the world that’s nuts,” he happily replied.

From his jeans pocket she heard his cell phone buzz. “Are you going to get that?” Lauren asked regarding his incoming call.

“It’s nobody important,” was his reply. There was something dangerous about his smile. Not menacing or cruel, dangerous in that it was so inviting, so attractive.

“Come here. I need your help for a minute,” he said as he waved her over. What she should have done was walk away…but she was making a history of doing the opposite of that today. She smiled and walked over to him. The wind blew a few strands of her blonde hair over her face. The young man reached over and gently pushed her hair away. She took notice of his strikingly beautiful brown eyes. Smiling even larger than before he said, “Here, hold my kite.” He handed the spool of string to her which she tentatively took. “Time for a swim,” he said as he pulled down his jeans. He dashed down to the shore in just his black boxer briefs and waded out into the frigid Atlantic water.

Stunned by his carefree behavior, Lauren could only mumble “Oh my God” and laugh at his apparent insanity.

Moments later he returned to her. Drenched and trembling uncontrollably he spoke through chattering teeth, “Maybe…I–I should…have…brought…a–a …towel…with m–me.” To her disbelieving eyes he then removed his soaked underwear and pulled on his jeans, never once offering any shame in being completely exposed to her. From the adorable grin and dimple on his face she knew he was a fearless open book.

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