Avia’s Secret

Avia’s Secret

Follow her heart, or make her family proud . . . ?

Avia Rockwell—heiress to Melina’s Vineyard—must find a suitable husband. But one forbidden kiss from Cade Kildare, a childhood friend and rakehell foreman, makes all of her promises fall to pieces. When her father insists on a match with a respectable gentleman caller, Avia is forced to follow duty over her heart.

She is far beyond his reach, yet Cade cannot help himself from tormenting Avia at every turn. She’s willful and wild, and everything he desires in a woman. No man will ever be good enough, and as Cade uncovers secrets that could rip her world apart, he will do anything—even give up his life—to save hers.

From Northern California’s wine country to the earthquake that shattered San Francisco, two lovers battle each other and the evil forces bent on tearing them apart.

READER ADVISORY: This book contains scenes of argumentative behavior between a stubborn hero and fiery heroine, hot sex, wicked adventure, and a little twist.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

M/F Romance

42,913 words (111 pages)

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“What are you doing?”

He leaned in and pressed his lips to hers, answering her question with an action that rocked her. He’d never kissed her before, even though she secretly desired that he would . . . one day. Instinctively, she pressed against him, enjoying the hot rush sweeping through her traitorous body. How could a kiss make her so hot?

With one powerful hand massaging her neck and the other wandering down to fondle her breasts, every breath became harder and harder to manage.

Over the music from below, Avia barely heard the echo of footsteps near the library before Cade suddenly pulled her from the bench and whisked her behind the billowing curtains. Thankfully they touched the floor and covered their feet.

Without a word, and as if no interruption had occurred, Cade’s hands were on her again, drifting around to cup her bottom as his lean hips undulated against her. She gasped when she felt that part of him, not hard but not unnoticed, nudge her abdomen. Her blood simmered, and her toes curled. She wanted him hard. Wanted him spreading her legs. Wanted to forget about being a good girl and let him have her. Wet heat settled between her thighs, and she knew what her body wanted, what she craved.

She clamped her mouth shut, terrified yet thrilled by the notion of being caught. But she could never be caught with Cade, for her father would surely kill them both. “What are you doing?” she dared to whisper, suddenly remembering someone had entered the library.

“Saving your reputation.”

Cade gently shoved her against the wall, pressed his body against hers and kissed her again. All thoughts of being caught faded away abruptly as their lips met in a heated war, the sensations causing havoc between her legs. His hands were everywhere again, making her mind race with hot, scandalous urges no gentle young lady should think of.

“Do you feel me?” he whispered, so soft, yet so demanding.

“Yes,” she whispered, and then he knelt before her, skimming his hands up her legs, lifting her skirt.

She shuddered. Every inch of flesh tightened as his hot lips trailed behind his sinful fingers. What would her mother say if she knew Avia wore nothing but bare flesh beneath her dress?

“Mmm . . . no drawers?”

Cade slid back up her body taking her skirts with him, bunching them up around her waist, keeping his hand beneath. Her eyes whipped open in surprise as he claimed her mouth while his fingers sought her wet heat below, driving her to the edge of madness. A hushed moan tumbled from her lips. She didn’t care if someone waited beyond the curtain, not when Cade made her feel so hot and unraveled.

He kissed her again, taking her little whimpers into his mouth as his finger stroked her sex, back and forth, her hips rocking with him. She pushed against him, trying to reach that peak of ecstasy.

She was in a hot trance. Why, oh why did she think she could show him how strong she was? She felt weak with need and ready to explode.

“Do you want more?” he murmured.

She should say no. “Yes.”

“Tell me what you want.”