As Wild as It Gets

As Wild as It Gets

Brand:Kenn Lord

The Caper’s Cool. The Horse Is Hot. The Game’s On Track. The Win Is Not.

Six smart movers come up with a killer caper to score millions in bets on the racetrack by substituting a super gelding for a lookalike no-hoper in one race.

Ingenious minds go to work, and the caper hits the button.

But what the movers fail to see is that the no-hoper horse belongs to a little country town that boasts an adoring team of no-hoper groupies who have their hearts set on their hero’s real-time success.

But there’s a polished spider in the web—an ego-rich man of means who noses a con and plots its public upset, thus ignoring the wishes of the adoring groupies. What begins as the killer caper of its time, slowly turns into a sneaky battle of wits. Adoring little towns have been known to breed big dreamers.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Action Adventure Suspense.  68,600 words.]


From the Author:

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a fortune on the racetrack. A blueblood champion standing in for his no-talent twin in one race; an ingenious trick masterfully planned and boldly plotted – with a diverse bunch of human beings living the dream.

Then human nature butts in, changes the rules, and confuses everything.

I write about people and things I’ve known. I dress them up, colour them in, then dip them in words so you can get to know them too. The basic plot of my book is a true story.

I changed it to make it happen like it should have happened.

I live in Australia where the book is set- in the bush, by the sea, in a pumpy resort, in a beautiful city and in a sprawling outback homestead in the west, where the air is fresh, and the stars are bright.

You could call it a love story; the love of money, the love of winning; the love of cheating; the love of being important, and ultimately, the pure love of loving.

I spent thirty-five years in the media. I wrote about food, parties, places, events, fashion shows, racing festivals, opening nights and enigmatic people like the people and things I’ve written about. I also wrote for the theatre and television, and still do.

My work put me in close contact with hundreds of people. I didn’t have to make my characters up. I knew what made them tick, how they thought and behaved, how they won, how they lost, and how they played when the lights were out.

Sex has its moments on my pages, because sex belongs on everyone’s page.

I’ve made it play like a game, sometimes to music, sometimes bizarre, and sometimes wild, like the jockey who rides his best races with an erection – horses for courses.

If the characters I’ve written about seem real to you, it’s because they’re real to me.

As for my book, I’ve read it scores of times, and I’m still honestly surprised at how it ends.