A Taste of Honey

A Taste of Honey

Honey West is prepared to do anything to get the part. Kneeling before her sleazy new boss, she meets Beau Knight, the sexy co-director of the adult movie she plans to star in. Can she keep her new boss at bay or will their obvious attraction throw a spanner in the works?

After the first day of filming, Honey and Beau give in to their mounting desire but what will happen at work the next day when Honey is due for full penetration?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes involving the sex industry, and a woman willing to lay it all on the line!

♥♥♥ Scorching-Hot Romance

14,093 words (37 pages)

MF, Sex Industry Theme

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Beau Knight had seen some sights. You couldn’t work in the adult film industry and not have one of the broadest minds in society. He catered for the perverse fantasies of others and made their dreams into an on-screen reality. Yet the day he walked into the office of his superior director, Moses Finch and first set eyes on Honey West was a day he would never forget.

She was on her knees with her hand cupped over his boss’s ball sack. Her mouth had claimed his entire cock and her eyes held his with wanton abandon. Moses was in the midst of his orgasm and Beau could see his body moving with shuddering wracks. Honey seemed oblivious to the onslaught that must have been pulsing into her mouth. She moved her head slowly, allowing the ultimate pleasure of her mate. As Moses withdrew his member, he uttered a low long, “Fuuuck!

Beau noticed that the girl stood up and smiled, no trace of the cum that must have sickened her evident on her face. Her flame coloured hair shone in the light that streamed in from the twelfth-floor window. She was taller, half a head taller than the man she faced. Her skin glowed with an ethereal essence. Her pert breasts strained against the skimpy outfit that did little to cloak her long shapely legs or her broad-shouldered torso. Her stomach lay flat and toned against the thin material of the dress and her arms were defined from the gentle contours of tennis or swimming. ‘Class,’ Beau surmised after his appraisal. So what in the name of all things holy was she doing giving a well-executed blowjob to the senior director of a porn film company?

Beau cleared his throat to alert the pair to his presence in the room. Moses turned around and raised his arm in a mock salute whilst the girl had the grace to look slightly abashed at his intrusion. Her eyes sparked as she regarded him. His slow smile informing her that he had indeed seen the floor show that she had put on.

“Beau!” Moses called in a voice far louder than necessary for the size of the room. “Come and meet the woman who will put us on the map!”

Beau closed the distance between the door and the recently intimate pair. He offered his hand to the girl who stood tall and proud before him.

“May I present, Honey West,” Moses said.

“Honey West,” Beau repeated raising an eyebrow with interest. “Well, congratulations, you’ve chosen a porn star name perfectly.”

“Actually, it is my real name.” Honey spoke with a clipped tone that smacked of an expensive education. “My mother was rather fond of the sweet treat when she was expecting me. West is the name of my father. Judge C. West,” she added by way of an explanation.

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