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As part of our achievement awards for 2014, we are running a poll for Best Cover 2014. The poll is open for everyone to vote, and the winning author receives a coveted button for their website, plus $10 in Amazon vouchers. (Local currency, depending on where the author lives)

Cast your vote below. Daily prize draw to all participants:

The poll has finished and the results are in. Winner to be announced tonight HERE. Exciting, isn’t it?


Vote for the best cover 2014


8 Responses

  1. Paisley Cruz is an amazing author and I cant wait for more books to come out.

  2. Awesome cover, very mysterious and sensual! Love the book as well!

  3. Awesome cover, awesome book. Definitely a must read. Paisley Cruz is an awesome new author. She will go far.

  4. I love the cover of Twink. H.C. Brown is a new author to me and I’m really enjoying her books. The different worlds she builds are amazing and the sexy alpha heroes are to die for. I like that she writes so many genres with different unique voices. She never fails to amaze me with her talent. She is freeking awesome. I’m so looking forward to her next release.

  5. Just as good as the book!

  6. Fabulous

    Paisley Cruz is FABULOUS!

  7. Absolutely loved Love Me Tender by Paisley Cruz!! A must read! It was hard to put down! Can’t wait for more books from this new author!

  8. Love historical covers and Shady Grace’s is beautiful!

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