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Unintended Sexual Consequences


By H. T. Miles

Healing a marriage after an affair is hard work, but it can be done if the love is still there.

A husband and wife ignore signs of the wife’s sexual frustrations for years until it is almost too late.

This is the story of the long road of her redemption, and her husband’s willingness to forgive her and help her learn to cope with her sexual needs and the lengths the husband is willing to go to save his marriage.

Once the wife’s affair is discovered, the couple explore ways of expanding their sex life in an orderly and controlled manner. The marriage survived and the love grew in spite of the affair.

The use of a professional therapist and learning how to cope to address sexual desires, cannot be minimized to get to the happy ever after.

Readers Advisory: This book contains depictions of sex, and is intended for mature readers over 18. The hero fights for his marriage with the use of sex toys, light bondage, and multiple partners.

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Bondage & BDSM, Ménage à Trois / Multiple 
Available as an ePub, PDF, and Mobi file

X-Rated Erotica

Adultery, Anal sex, BDSM, Sleep sex, Multiple sexual partners, infidelity, MF, FF, FMF, FMFF

47,511 words

This is the 2nd book in the erotic Living With Past Sins series, and is a stand-alone.


Time stood still as his mind was bombarded with questions. How long had this been going on? During their entire marriage, while he was off defending the country? How many other men had there been? Is this guy lying? If he is telling the truth then killing him for just being one of several conquests of his wife, meant he would have to kill a few more men. This was too many questions, and far too many emotions to deal with at one time. Besides, as a security professional, he knew this guy could not hide from him.

Rob finally said, “Tell you what, I am going to leave, and you can tell housekeeping your girlfriend left you like this. I don’t want to go to jail for murder, and you don’t want to die. But I will see you again down the road.”
Suddenly the Rob’s shoulders slumped as if he were bone tired. He got up, slowly walked to the door. He even had his hand on the door; then the idiot opened his mouth.
“Well, well, the big bad hubby that slut of a wife of yours was sooooo worried about, is nothing but a cuckold. Who would have thought it? Your wife and I have a date next month. I miss her already. I can’t wait to tap that ass again. That is going to be some interesting coffee shop talk there, ha, ha, ha.”
Rob had taken the precaution to record the conversation. All his years of experience would not let him lose control, even for this. As far as he was concerned, he had just watched the death of his marriage. His mind was filled with concern; too much to lose, too many people would be hurt if he lost control—his children, his employees, Bev’s company people. Hell, his mind just could not comprehend the ramifications of it all. He had sat in the same spot for days on end, waiting for a target in his dark days as a military sniper, and even now as a “consultant.”
The trap had been set. Rob turned and spoke, “You are not in one of those liberal states bubba. In this state, the statement you just made challenges my manhood, and threatening my marriage by threatening to have sex my wife again. In this state, I have the right to defend both my manhood and my marriage. Here is what I am going to do. I am going to cut you loose and let you get dressed; then you get the first punch.”


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