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They Hadn’t Expected It To Happen


By Johnny Dragona

They couldn’t have what they wanted, because she was Jewish and he was a Gentile.

Should Janey, a Jewish girl, and Johnny, a Gentile boy, express their growing love for each other, when her family is opposed to such a union, and she had been promised to another?

Even after she gets married, their feelings couldn’t be dampened, but that love couldn’t be consummated.

Then a crisis brings them together once more.

Sweet Romance


This is the first book in the Unpredicted Romances series. Follow Johnny and Janey’s heartbreaking story in their quest to achieve their own ‘Happy Ever After.’

ISBN: 978-1-910397-07-7


I hadn’t expected Janey to invite me into her vestibule again after I walked her home, but she did, and once again, I didn’t know what to say to her.

“Stop staring at me like that,” she said. “You’re making me blush.”

“I can’t help it.” I took a slow, deep breath to calm my racing heart. Being alone with Janey was going to be difficult, whether it was in front of my piano or in a vestibule.

“Why not?” Instead of backing away, she took a step closer to me.

“Because you’re beautiful, Janey.” There. I said it. But now what? Was I supposed to take her into my arms and kiss her? Tell her not to marry that other guy and marry me instead? Why was I being so ridiculous? We lived in different worlds.

“I’m just average.” She started to put a hand on my shoulder and apparently changed her mind.

“You are beautiful.” No longer able to resist the urge, I curled a finger under her chin, tilted it upward and touched my lips to hers. Wow!

Instead of pulling away, Janey reflexively curled her arms around the back of my neck, closed the distance between us and molded her voluptuous lips to mine. For a full minute, it seemed as though she didn’t want to release me.

That was a minute I would never forget. Our bodies becoming one, a heart pounded against my chest and another heart pounded in my ears. I had difficulty breathing. Never before had a girl made me feel that way. If only there was a way to stay with Janey. And that was only because of a kiss.

“Damn,” was all I could think of to say when that bliss-filled moment ended. Then I thought of something insane to say. “Would you consider running away with me right now?”

“No.” Janey giggled and rested her forehead against the front of my shoulder. “Want to know something?” She took a slow, deep breath.

“What?” I asked while caressing her back.

“You’re the first guy who ever kissed me.”

“What?” That was impossible. Grabbing Janey’s shoulders, I pushed her away a few inches and looked into her eyes incredulously. “Are you serious?

Your boyfriend never kissed you?”

“Mmmm hmmm, I’m serious. And no, he never kissed me. Leonard doesn’t think that would be proper at such an early stage in our relationship.” Clicking her tongue thoughtfully, Janey looked at me as if to say she wanted to do it again.

“And you don’t mind that I did it?” I don’t know why I kept asking her stupid questions.

“I didn’t mind. I liked it,” she said with a deeper than usual voice.

For the next five minutes, we kissed and embraced over and over again. And I was in love.

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[tab title="Heat Rating" start=open] [icon icon=icon-heart size=18px color=#753f74 ][icon icon=icon-heart size=18px color=#753f74 ] Sizzling Romance [/tab] [tab title="Word Count"] 70,404 words [/tab]

[tab title="Series Description"] This is the 2nd book in the Unpredicted Romances series [/tab] [/tabs]

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