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Scorpio Rising


By Lilith Darville

Welcome back. Connor McClane here to escort you on another adventure of love, lust, and intrigue.

To bring you up to date: A serious car crash has wiped Kat’s memory—and she doesn’t remember me. But she sure wants to have sex! The brain trauma removed her inhibitions and now—just when I’m desperately battling an anonymous hostile takeover of my corporate empire—she thinks it’s a great time to explore the depths of her sexual desires.

I know I was the crash’s intended victim. Are the accident and the takeover connected?

My name is Katherine King and now you know as much about me as I do. I woke up in the hospital to find one hot hunk of a man standing watch. His captivating eyes are filled with love and lust. My mind may not remember him, but my body sure does. Inhibitions? What are those? I’m ready to experiment and this Connor McClane is just the man to show me how.

Can Connor keep Kat safe and save his empire or will he lose both? If you’ve learned nothing else in The Scorpio Saga, you should know one thing—never underestimate Connor McClane unless you’re willing to suffer the consequences…

Publisher note: This is Book 3 in the Scorpio Saga. Each is a continuation of the previous book, and should be read in the numbered order.

Red-Hot Romance

47,565 words (129 pages)

MF (MMM voyeur), Spanking

This is the 3rd book in the highly erotic Scorpio Saga

ISBN: 978-1-910397-69-5


Scorpio Rising by Lilith DarvilleSweet Jesus! Assume the position? Even more unbelievable than the way Connor spoke to me was the way I automatically sank to my knees. Have I done this before?

Anger and excitement surged through me. How dare he speak to me that way? Yet those words lit every nerve ending in my body like a Christmas tree, and the battle between morality and depravity continued.

Could it be he was going to make love to me, finally? Desire coiled deep in my belly, like a serpent waiting to strike. I kept my head bowed and eyes cast down. I didn’t even know how I knew this was the thing to do; I just knew it felt right.

Connor went to the bar and poured himself a drink. He circled around me once before settling in the easy chair in front of the large granite fireplace. I could feel his eyes examining me, sizing up his quarry while he decided what to do with her. Oh boy. I’ve done it now. Anticipation continued to bubble up through me like an effervescent drink poured over ice.

“What am I to do with you, Katherine?”

I wisely kept my mouth shut.

“So what is it that gave you the urge to throw yourself at that man? And that is not a rhetorical question.”

Sweet. He’s jealous.

“I wouldn’t call it throwing myself—”

“Are you really going to quibble with me over semantics? I want the truth.”

He started pacing. There was a seriously dangerous undertone to his deceptively mild voice that sent shivers of lust dancing through my core.

Oh boy. I took a deep breath and tried to push away the fluttering, empty feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“I wanted to have some fun, and you weren’t interested, or so it seemed.”

I stared at my reflection in the polished shoes that planted directly in front of me.

“So you decided just anyone would do?”

I couldn’t resist being just a little bit saucy.

“He wasn’t just anyone, Connor. Did you take a good look at him?”

I had to endure several seconds of silence that seemed to stretch to forever. Then…

“I. Beg. Your. Pardon?”

Oh boy. I mentally counted to ten while weighing my options.

“Nothing worth repeating.”

He resumed his pacing. Kind of like a caged cheetah—all sinew and rippling muscle, balking at the cage of his own making.

He wanted me. I could feel it. Yet the part of him that held back was like an impenetrable wall. And I suddenly realized he was giving me the key to find my way back to him.

Things had been weird since the accident, but since I didn’t have a lot of memories to occupy my mind, I was free to watch and absorb. I’d learned a lot about this man of mine, this man I couldn’t remember yet I knew had always been a part of me. This man, this incredibly sexy, moody, controlling, charming, man baffled me. This man they told me was my husband, but who didn’t act like a husband, who didn’t feel like a husband. Whatever a husband felt like.

But then what did he feel like? Oh in some ways he acted like we had been lovers, but he sure as hell wasn’t jumping my bones now. They always tell you if a guy’s interested, he’ll jump your bones. Lucky, lucky me. I get the one man on earth who doesn’t fit the status quo. I—oh God, I was getting pissy. That probably was not a good thing.

I know it’s weird that we women think there’s some female out there who stops our man’s heart with one look. The kind of woman who, when she throws a hissy fit, turns his crank so much, he backs her against the door, ramming his thigh between her legs. Okay, I’m starting to hyperventilate on the thought of Connor pinning me against the door, arms high above my head. Just the thought of the force along with all his hot, smoldering heat had me slick with anticipation.

“Katherine!” His voice was like a whip.

Whoops. Shit. I had no idea what he’d said.

“I think it’s time we remind you about submission.”

The tiny shards of ice in his voice sent an absolute spasm of exquisite torment rushing straight through every nerve ending in my body. Oh my God. What was he going to do? Would he spank me? The thought raised bolts of lust and desire and just raw animal need for him. Get a grip, Kat.

Abruptly he stopped pacing.

“Follow me.”

I got to my feet somewhat awkwardly and followed him. And then it hit me. I needed to pee. Oh boy. It just didn’t feel like a good moment to bring it up, not with the vibe radiating off Connor that minute.

He stopped in front of a room, unlocked and opened the door, then gestured me in. I preceded him into the room and caught a brief glimpse of stuff that I associated with having great fun. He pointed to a door on my left.

“I expect you out here in five minutes, naked, and ready to do exactly what I say.”

Professional Reviews (1)

4.5 STARS Manicreaders Reviews

I did the unthinkable by reading the Scorpio saga out of order, but what can you do when only one volume is presented for review? Scorpio Rising does stand alone, but it would have been easier if I’d had the benefit of knowing who all the characters were ahead of time, along with their relationships, which are well established by volume three. Nevertheless, it’s a fast ride, with lots of sex and mystery, interesting surroundings, excellent word pictures, and very good writing. Connor and Kat haven’t been together very long, but are already in a loving, committed BDSM relationship. When Kat ends up in hospital with amnesia, Connor moves heaven and earth to be with her, as well as to find out who would blow up Kat’s car to kill her.

As Kat recovers, she has to re-learn her relationship with Connor, but she at least realizes she loves him and he will always keep her safe. When his ex returns to the scene, putting Kat in danger, Connor has to break Kat’s heart to keep her safe. But what is a D/s coupling if there is no trust? Kat is convinced Connor no longer wants her so she returns home to Canada.

I liked these two, hated the ex, and I guess that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen. I’d advise you to get all three of the Scorpio books and read them together in order. It’s going to be better that way!

Review by Alberta Manicreaders Reviews


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Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes that will stimulate your sexual imagination including ménage, dominance and submission, sex toys, etc. Feed your fantasies!

Publisher note: This is Book 2 in the Scorpio Saga. Each is a continuation of the previous book, and should be read in the numbered order.

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Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes that will stimulate your sexual imagination, including dominance and submission, sex toys and bondage. Feed your fantasies!

Publisher note: This is Book 1 in the Scorpio Saga. Each is a continuation of the previous book, and should be read in the numbered order.

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[tab title="Series"] This is Book One in The Scorpio Saga [/tab] [/tabs]

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