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Hard Lessons


By Annie Oakfield

Angie Henderson has worked as a security guard since she left college, gaining experience in the local mall with her dedicated colleagues. When she hears about an opening for a female security officer at The Dungeon, the low-key underground adult playground, she is eager to move across, hoping to add a little spice to her life.

But Angie learns that The Dungeon contains dangers she never imagined. While the customers are generally trouble-free, temptation lurks around every corner—a temptation her new employers have forbidden to her.

Can she resist the daily lure of naked flesh? Would she dare risk her new job for the sake of short-lived pleasure?

X-Rated Erotica

15,892 words (43 pages)

The Dungeon


We descended the stairs with Sam and Daniel behind me. Corridors wide enough for three people to walk side by side led off to a series of doors.

“These are our privacy rooms.” I peered into a dimly-lit room containing a wash basin and a platform with a mattress on top. Fortunately, the room was unoccupied.

Around a corner, the space opened up. Square pillars formed open cubicles. Clamps above head height were fastened to the walls.

“Why don’t you try one?” Daniel suggested. “See how it looks from the customer’s point of view.”

“Okay.” I put my back to a wall. When I pressed my wrists against the covered metal clamps, they snapped shut. I tried to wriggle free, but the clamps were a snug fit.

“And this is how some women enjoy their sessions,” Daniel said. He glanced at the clamps, which I was still fighting to get out of.  I was trapped.  Sam closed in on my other side.

“I want out of here,” I said.

But Daniel unfastened the top button of my blouse. I writhed, but the clamps held me in place. Sam’s breath was hot on my ear.

“Are you feeling vulnerable, Angie?”

“Let me go!” I howled.

“No one is coming to rescue you.” I kicked out at my future employer. He caught my foot between his hands.

“I think she’s ready.” Daniel laughed.

Sam drew the hair back from my ear. “Today’s safe word is ‘chorizo,’ Angie. The safe word for the day is displayed at the entrance.”

“What a pity you weren’t paying attention,” Daniel said. Sam grabbed my butt and squeezed, laughing maniacally.

CHORIZO!” I yelled. Daniel moved in, his hand reaching for my buttons; he began to unfasten another one.

“Move aside, please!” a woman yelled.

Diana, the short, black woman I’d seen in the reception area, grabbed hold of Daniel and threw him aside. She pointed a radio at Sam.

“Stay back!” Diana warned. She reached up and with a press of her fingers, released the clamps. Diana hustled me out.

Sam and Daniel came out of the cubicle, their hands in their pockets. Both were grinning.

“And that, Angie, is the exact response we expect from our FST people,” Sam said.

I frowned. “So you guys were testing Diana … the security team?”


Sam shrugged. “We had to put you in a position where—”

“Where I felt threatened enough to use the safe word.”  I’d really believed they were going to start taking off my clothes.

 “Are you okay now?” Diana asked.

“I am now. Thanks for the rescue.”

“Anytime.” She strode off.

“I’m sorry we made you feel uncomfortable,” Daniel offered. “But we wanted to demonstrate our primary care pledge to you.”

“Sure, I get it. But I have a question. Which one of you grabbed my butt?” When Sam raised his hand, I punched his arm.

Once the shock had worn off, Sam laughed. “Touché”

Daniel nodded. “You’ll fit right in here.”

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I read the second book in The Dungeon series, Firm Hands, first, and totally fell in lust with Angie and her sexcapades. I had to check out HARD LESSONS, and it didn’t disappoint! Between some mutual masturbation with a colleague, a gang bang and a few run-in’s with the mayor, Angie’s first night is shaping up to be legend-ary! I can’t wait for more in this delectable series!



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