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They Hadn't Expected it to Happen
They Hadn’t Expected It To Happen
By Johnny Dragona They couldn't have what they wanted, because she was Jewish and he was a Gentile. Should Janey, a Jewish girl, and Johnny, a Gentile boy, express their growing love for each other, when her family is opposed to such a union, and she had been promised to another? Even after she gets married, their feelings couldn't be dampened, but that love couldn't be consummated. Then a crisis brings them together once more.

[tabs] [tab title="Heat Rating" start=open] [icon icon=icon-heart size=18px color=#753f74 ] Sweet Romance [/tab] [tab title="Word Count"] 40,849 [/tab] [tab title="First Chapter"] To read the 1st Chapter, follow this link [/tab] [tab title="The series"] This is the first book in the Unpredicted Romances series. Follow Johnny and Janey's heartbreaking story in their quest to achieve their own 'Happy Ever After.' [/tab] [/tabs]

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