Older woman, younger man romance.

Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings
By J. Lee Roberts

Adventures of a Sexy Seductress

On a dark and stormy autumn night back in 1969, thieves broke into a Sicilian oratory and stole Caravaggio’s masterpiece, the Nativity. To this day, authorities are still on the hunt. With a 20-million-dollar reward for its retrieval, claims to its location have flooded the FBI database. Some say the theft was commissioned by the Mafia, others report that greedy amateurs seeing a television program about the Italian treasure decided to act. Where the police have failed, one woman will succeed.

Once again Catalina is on the prowl. And neither mobsters nor monsters can stop her from seducing her way to the truth.

Join the Queen of the Nightlings on yet another steamy adventure and see whether or not you can decipher fact from fantasy.

Reader Advisory:  Be forewarned, the story within contains X-rated tales of a Nightlings, naughty escapades.

[icon name="heart"][icon name="heart"][icon name="heart"][icon name="heart"][icon name="heart"] X-Rated Erotica

24,163 words (62 pages)

Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings 4

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Mama’s Boy No More
By Angel Ray

Madison Avery, a divorcee nearing forty, is hesitant to get back into the dating scene until she meets David Mayers, a much younger man, through an online dating site. He is kind of on the nerdy side, but she doesn’t mind. However, there is one problem—David is a devout “mama’s boy,” who still lives with his overbearing mother while he goes to college.

At first, she doesn’t feel this is a deal breaker, especially since her ex was a bit of a “mama’s boy” himself with an overbearing mother of his own. But then she has a nasty first meeting with David’s mother, Debbie, and she begins to wonder if their relationship is worth the trouble, especially given their age difference. However, Madison discovers she has true feelings for David.

Will she find a way they can be together in spite of his overbearing mother and make him cut the apron strings once and for all?

[icon name="heart"][icon name="heart"][icon name="heart"][icon name="heart"] Red-Hot Romance

23,248 words (59 pages)

Cougars & Cubs 2

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By Willow West How far would you go to pay the bills?

Clara is a widow, living alone with a sporadic job and a pile of bills. When a young male friend of her daughter’s tells her he’s always fancied her, one thing leads to another and she ends up fulfilling his youthful fantasy.

When his father finds out, far from being upset, he suggests that Clara should be capitalizing on the assets she has. Before long, she is entertaining a series of unusual men and releasing their hidden desires.


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[tab title="Themes"] Multiple partners (MF), Prostitution, Cougar, Pegging [/tab] [/tabs]

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Mr. Innocent
By Angel Ray

Lexi Gifford is the editor-in-chief of a popular women’s magazine named Innocent. Lexi needs a new assistant and a new lover, and she finds both in Theodore Logan—a rather naïve and virginal farm boy from Iowa.

At first, Lexi is hesitant about getting involved with Theodore—who goes by Theo—because of a bad previous relationship. There’s also the age difference, because Lexi is thirty-two and Theo is eighteen.

However, any hesitation on her part flies out the window when he winds up modeling for an upcoming issue of Innocent, when a model doesn’t show for the shoot. Unable to resist seeing his hunky farm boy frame clad only in a pair of form-fitting bikini bottoms, she ravishes Theo.

Their relationship blossoms both in and out of the bedroom, and eventually Lexi realizes that her passion for Theo goes beyond the merely sexual and that she has genuine feelings for him.

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10,625 words

Cougar & Cubs 1

Rated 4.50 out of 5
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