New Release: Third Time’s a Steal by Morgan King

New Release: Third Time’s a Steal by Morgan King

Third Time's a Steal by Morgan KingHappy release day to Morgan King with Third Time’s a Steal. If you love reading Dark Romance then this is the story for you.

When kidnapping—once isn’t enough…

Rina has had enough of working at Elliot Technologies and more specifically for Elliot himself. Ever since their first meeting her emotions had been a never-ending rollercoaster ride. Elliot however, always treated her like just any other employee—until she handed her notice in that is.

Elliot had worked hard to hold himself back from acting on his feelings for Rina; she’s his employee after all, not to mention a lot younger, and a heck of a lot more innocent. But if she thinks she can just leave his company and travel to another state to work for one of his rivals she’s in for a surprise. There’s nothing Elliot won’t do to keep Rina.

His plan—to kidnap Rina and claim her so thoroughly she’ll be branded by him, soul deep.

The problem with this plan—Rina has no intention of giving any more of herself to a man who only wants her because she’s leaving.

Reader Advisory: This Dark Romance novelette contains a hero who will do whatever it takes to claim his woman and tie her to him, forever. If at first—kidnapping doesn’t succeed—he’s prepared to try and try again.

Available at Luminosity HERE

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