New Release: The Lie (Love’s Revenge 1) by Peyton Theiry

New Release: The Lie (Love’s Revenge 1) by Peyton Theiry

The Lie by Peyton TheiryHappy release day to Peyton Theiry with The Lie. The first story in a sizzling new BDSM series called Love’s Revenge. The Lie features a powerful sexual tension between Tyler Worthington, a man hell-bent on revenge, and Ashley Britt, the woman who wronged him.

What would you do if the woman you loved told a lie that destroyed your life?

After being wrongfully imprisoned and then exonerated, Tyler Worthington has spent the last five years reclaiming his life and putting together a perfect plan of revenge. Determined to ruin the woman who took his life away with one lie, Tyler is ready to watch the woman he loathes lose everything.

Ashley Britt is at the top of her game as a television news correspondent. Her personal life isn’t so bad either. When a competing news channel breaks the story of her lie, she loses everything she worked so hard for—even the man of her dreams. Forced to face her past, Ashley discovers the truth of her situation. There’s no forgiveness from the man she ruined.

With a plan that puts Tyler in complete control, Tyler quickly discovers there is no satisfaction in revenge. Will he admit that he loves Ashley before it destroys both of them or will he lose her all over again?

Reader Advisory: This Erotic Romance contains scenes of BDSM, anal sex, including sex toys, and a feisty heroine.

Available from Luminosity HERE

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