New Release: The Courtesan and the Rose by Mallory Gerrard

New Release: The Courtesan and the Rose by Mallory Gerrard

The Courtesan and the Rose by Mallory GerrardHappy release day to Mallory Gerrard with The Courtesan and the Rose. This is very erotic Historical Romance about a woman who is sold into sex slavery and the love of a good man who helps free her.

The Wars of the Roses were the fratricidal struggle for the English throne waged between the royal houses of York and Lancaster. After Bosworth, the last battle, the victorious Lancastrian faction, now calling itself Tudor, adopted a policy of judicial murder to eliminate every surviving heir of York. This means for getting rid of Yorkist survivors was pursued by the first two Tudor Monarchs. Elizabeth, however, had an abhorrence of dynastic murder. Thus, when her adviser, Walsingham, discovers that Freyja de Hevensey is a direct descendant of Edward of York, his advice that the girl should lose her head is ignored. Instead, Elizabeth has Freyja confined in the Tower.

Unknown to the Queen, Walsingham, anxious that Freyja might form the nucleus of a plot against the throne, has her abducted from her cell and sent as a slave to the harem of Barbarossa, the Corsair Bey of Algiers. In the latter’s bed, Freyja discovers the depths of her own sexuality. When Freyja’s childhood sweetheart, shipmaster Rob Carey, is captured, instead of slavery, he elects to become a pilot in Barbarossa’s fleet. He and Freyja begin a dangerous liaison. Discovered, Freyja is condemned to be tortured to death but during the confusion of a Spanish attack on the city, the two escape in a small boat. After an odyssey, they return to the capital to be greeted by an infuriated Elizabeth, who has made plans for getting rid of Freyja by sending her to Moscow as a bride for Tsar Ivan IV “the Terrible.”

Will Freyja be able to outsmart the devious queen’s plans for her and return to her lover or be forced to go to the bed of the ferocious Tsar?

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