New Release – Sapphire’s Master by Mallory Gerrard

Sapphire's Master by Mallory GerrardHappy release day to Mallory Gerrard with Sapphire’s Master. This is a very descriptive yet sensual story of one woman’s journey into BDSM.

Rehabilitated from drug addiction, undergraduate, Sapphire Innes, escapes from slavery in a Melbourne brothel to fall in love with artist, Sam Hammond, whose model/slave she becomes.

Recaptured by the brothel, she is forced back into prostitution. She is rescued by Sam and after further adventures, sexual and otherwise they return home.

However, the brothel hasn’t willingly surrendered her. Will Sapphire be able to remain unexploited in a relationship of mutual affection, as the loving slave of an owner with a treasured lover and model? Or will she be driven back to sex slavery in the Melbourne brothel as a species of equipment, of use only to make the partners rich?

Reader Advisory: This book explores love and sex slavery. In one situation, they are willingly entered into; in another, an environment of brutal coercion. There are depictions of compulsion, by BDSM, contrasting with others of loving service willingly given, all mingled with elements of humour.

Available for all good distributors and from Luminosity HERE

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