New Release: Revealed:The Seer Trilogy – Book Two by L.J. Fleming

Revealed: The Seer Trilogy, Book Two by L.J. FlemingHappy release day to L.J. Fleming with Revealed: The Seer Trilogy – Book Two.

Seer, Owen Melonach, and Viera Ethesreld just celebrated the twelfth birthday of their oldest child, Therrin. With the celebration, comes an unexpected twist.

Still suffering from amnesia due to an accident he suffered while fighting to keep the universe from falling apart, Owen finds his long-lost memories have begun to return. But what do his memories tell him about the man he used to be and the life he lived before?

Owen now knows a secret that Viera has been keeping for many years, but will it change the way he feels about his family?

Available from Luminosity HERE

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