New Release: Healing the Vestigial Heart by K. Martindale

Healing the Vestigial HeartHappy release day to K. Martindale with Healing the Vestigial Heart. This is a wonderful heart-wrenching Erotic Gay Romance. A story that will stay with you long after the last word is read.

An emotional story about a man coming to terms with his past, pressing forward with life,and learning to love again.

Four years after the death of his boyfriend, Alex has become an empty shell of his old self. Numb and indifferent, he has allowed his life to spin out of control. But, when an old, familiar face begins at Alex’s workplace, he is suddenly confronted by his traumatic past and withdraws from life entirely, attempting to block out the horrors he has so long tried to forget—then, he meets Kit, and life is never the same again.

A random night, a random bar—that’s how it began. But when Alex drunkenly confesses everything he’s bottled up for years to the stranger, his life changes. Kit helps him get back on his feet, embrace and accept his past, forgive himself, and take charge of his life once more. As Alex reclaims his life, he begins to feel something that he hasn’t felt in years—happiness.

Reader Advisory: This Erotic Gay Romance contains adult themes.

Available from Luminosity HERE

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