New release – Half-Breed by Annie Oakfield

Half-Breed by Anne OakfieldHappy release day to Annie Oakfield with Half-Breed, Book One in the erotica paranormal series, the Dark Horse.

Every day, the Earth moves for her…

Aurora Silverstre, the half-breed child of a Terran diplomat and a leathery female from the TauCetean star system, has a problem. The alien component of her DNA persistently tries to eradicate her human half from existence.

Unless she is vigilant, she will transform into a hairless gray alien, at the risk of her job and the life she has made for herself. Only one thing on Earth will allow her to maintain her chosen form; she must have regular sex with human men or risk being exposed as a TauCetean intruder in a mistrustful America.

When her superior strength allows her to turn the tables on a gang of attackers, Aurora’s abilities quickly become the focus of two Massachusetts detectives. Will they expose her to the public? Or do they have other plans for her unique talents?

Reader Advisory: If you are easily offended by the idea of a half-alien woman seducing men and having frequent, messy sex … this might still be your kind of thing.

Available from all good distributors and from Luminosity HERE

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