New Release: Floggers’ Slave Auction by H.C. Brown

New Release: Floggers’ Slave Auction by H.C. Brown

Floggers' Slave Auction by H.C. BrownHappy release day to H.C. Brown with Floggers’ Slave Auction, the second book in the Floggers series, featuring delicious Doms and their wanna-be subs. If you like Gay BDSM Romance you will not be disappointed with this wonderfully written series.

Paul Martin’s fantasy to lose his virginity in public to a Dom becomes a reality when he decides to enter a slave auction at Floggers BDSM Club.

His nerve crashes to subzero when the highest bidder is the feared edge playing Dom, Nash Mage.

Nash bitter from a breakup with his mindfucking sub is looking for down and dirty sex and a pup to control. He doesn’t expect his auction prize and vanilla virgin, Paul, to earn his respect and melt his frozen heart.

Publisher Note: A BDSM Gay Romance novella of 27,620 words.

Available from Luminosity HERE

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