New Release: Acceptance (Australian Alphas 1) by Jess Buffett and Tamsin Baker

Happy release day to Jess Buffett and Tamsin Baker with their joint, and highly erotic Paranormal Gay Romance, Acceptance (Australian Alphas 1).

Will Summer has been in love with Axel for as long as he can remember. He’s about to give up hope when he hears the shifter has found his true mate and is ready to claim them.

As the new Alpha of the Woodland Leap, Axel has waited a long time to be able to claim his mate, Will. However, tensions begin to rise when the Witches and Hunters reappear and seem to be searching for Will.

As a long-kept secret threatens to tear everything apart, can Will learn to accept the truth and come to terms with a power he never imagined possible?

Reader Advisory: This Paranormal Gay Romance contains one sexy, determined Alpha, one bad-arse mate, and graphic man-on-man sex that will keep you coming back for more…

Available from Luminosity HERE

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