New Release: A Risk of Showers by Annie Oakfield

Happy release day to Annie Oakfield with A Risk of Showers, the first book in a brand new Gay Romance series, Action Station, featuring hot firefighters and their steamy showers.

When rookie firefighter Jensen Brother is assigned to Rutherford’s Fire Station, he has little idea of what lies in store for him.

Young, sheltered and inexperienced, he encounters a hotbed of activity amongst the burly firemen and is quickly exposed to raw male lust as well as tenderness and understanding.

Still undecided as to where his romantic future lies, but cautious of being trapped by marriage like his college mates, Jensen decides to embrace—quite literally—the opportunities that present themselves to him. Taking a communal shower will never be the same again.

Warning: A Contemporary M/M Romance containing nude scenes and intimacy between male firemen. Showering with your work buddies will never be the same again.

Available from Luminosity HERE

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