Luminosity Publishing Welcomes New Erotic Author – Marnie Roberts

Luminosity Publishing Welcomes New Erotic Author – Marnie Roberts

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Love Luminosity Publishing Welcomes new erotic author, Marnie Roberts. Marnie has written a red-hot tale called The Right Way to Use Men.

This is Marnie Roberts at her best. It can almost be called a guide for women who want to control their husbands to get whatever they want from them.

Dissatisfied with being taken for granted by their husbands, a group of women decides to withhold sex from them, which causes the men to miss it even more. The next part of their plan is to seduce each other’s husbands without letting them know they know about it. That leaves the men feeling guilty and looking for more and more ways to please their wives.

Husbands doing all of the housework, buying flowers and other gifts for their wives and lovers, becoming submissive sex partners? It all happens while their wives learn the joys of female bisexuality. And all the while, the men still don’t realize they’re being used.

This approximately 46,480 word novel, which has graphic descriptions of sex, female bisexuality and some hard language, is a must for currently submissive women who want to leave equality of the sexes behind and take command.

Coming soon to Luminosity Publishing.



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