Luminosity Publishing Welcomes Erotic Author Annie Oakfield

Luminosity Publishing Welcomes Erotic Author Annie Oakfield

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Love Luminosity Publishing welcomes erotic author Annie Oakfield. Annie has written two very different, but very erotic stories for Luminosity Publishing. The first is called The Wolves of New Hampshire and features shape-shifters, and a rather feisty heroine called Nadia.

When Nadia St. John applies for the position of secretary at an outdoor adventure center in New Hampshire, she has little idea of the activities that take place at the isolated lodge, or of its convoluted and bloody history.

A mysterious package, delivered on a stormy night by a half-dressed boy, tantalizes her with clues about her past, and her family’s disappearance fifteen years ago. Will the self-styled Sean Ireland, center manager, protect her from her past, or force her to confront it?

Annie’s second book to be published with us is called The Dark Horse. This sci-fi features another rather feisty heroine called Aurora.

Aurora Silverstre, half-breed child of a Terran diplomat and a leathery TauCetean female, has a problem. Her alien DNA persistently tries to eradicate her human half from existence and only one thing on Earth will allow her to maintain her chosen form.

She must have regular sex with human men or risk being exposed as a TauCetean intruder in a mistrustful America.

When her superior strength allows her to turn the tables on a gang of attackers, Aurora’s abilities become the focus of two Massachusetts detectives. Will they expose her to the public? Or do they have other plans for her unique talents?

The Wolves of New Hampshire and The Dark Horse coming soon to Luminosity Publishing.

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