Luminosity Publishing welcomes Antoinette Turner

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DreamscapeLuminosity Publishing extends a warms welcome to Antoinette Turner. Antoinette has written a beautiful love story called Trusting Thyme. This wonderfully crafted full-length novel, follows the lives of Constance Thyme and Dr. Elijah Preston. 

Constance Thyme is a third generation fishing trawler operator living in the quaint English seaside village of Thornapple.  Widowed at a young age, she’s quite content raising her nine-year old son. Unbeknownst to most outsiders, Lady Constance holds an aristocratic title that binds her to the small village.  As much as her obligations might chafe, she would never refuse someone in need, even a cold fish like the gorgeous new doctor.

Dr Elijah Preston needs help.  Still grieving the loss of his wife two years earlier, and with two small children faring no better, he reluctantly agrees to take a temporary posting at Thornapple. Jaded by what his title represents, Eli keeps his Lordly status a closely guarded secret.  As he struggles with his sorrow, a chance meeting with a highly annoying and brazenly beautiful Amazon Sea Captain sparks a torrent of highly unwanted feelings.

Eli and Constance hold deep, emotional scars from their pasts, both for very different reasons.  As they fight their own demons, each has to learn the value of trust.  When secrets threaten to tear them apart, will their fear drive them to throw away a second chance at love or can time heal all wounds?

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