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His first play, produced by an English teacher, and put on stage in their grammar school when he was in the seventh grade, encouraged Johnny Dragona to develop a strong interest in writing, despite the deteriorating retinal disorder that would eventually render him totally blind.

Since then, he has had over twenty mainstream novels published. Using various pseudonyms, he has also had twenty, highly erotic novels, and over one hundred highly erotic short stories published on a variety of topics, including some that usually shock conservative readers. Living in Cliffside Park, New Jersey (USA) with his wife of thirty-seven years and his toddler grandson, he is currently working on his next novel.


Books by Johnny Dragona

Breaking Through the Color Barriers for Love and Lust
By Johnny Dragona

Deserted by his wife and missing his daughter, John becomes infatuated with Olivia, an extremely attractive Puerto Rican woman who is much younger than he, but not without a river of hot, Latin blood flowing through her veins. The time they spend together moves from the kitchen, to the living room and to the bedroom.

Then they meet Cory and David, an African-American couple. At first, they socialize. Then they get closer and closer.

When Olivia discovers some unethical practices at the bank in which she's working, David, being an attorney, helps her. But why should she return to the bank when she can work for him? That brings them even closer.

Meanwhile, John and Cory, who are older students in the same college, schedule their classes so they can have the same day off to do their thing in his house.

Reader Advisory: Contains graphic descriptions of sex, group sex and female bisexuality.

[icon name="heart"][icon name="heart"][icon name="heart"][icon name="heart"] Red-Hot Romance

42,432 words (110 pages) M/F, M/F/F/M, F/F, Multicultural Romance
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Would They Ever Love Again?
By Johnny Dragona

They fell in love despite her father’s opposition and couldn’t stop loving each other.

When Joey was eighteen, two street punks tried to pick a fight with him and wound up getting the worst of it. The next night, Laura, who was sixteen, confronted Joey and warned him to stop picking on her older brother. It didn’t take long for them to start dating. Nor did it take long for them to fall deeply in love with each other.

The problem was Laura’s father, an émigré from Ireland, hated Italians almost as much as he hated Catholics. And Joey was both. Their romance didn’t last long. Laura was grounded indefinitely after her father found out what she was doing.

But Laura and Joey get together again sixteen years later, despite the threats of an admirer of hers to kill Joey. Can they pick it up from where they left off?

Reader Advisory: Contains ethnic prejudice, some violence and descriptions of sex.

[icon name="heart"][icon name="heart"] Sizzling Romance

41,460 words (104 pages)

Unpredicted Romances 3

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Our Home Sweet Home
By Johnny Dragona

She finally found a home, but can she stay there without falling in love?

A sixteen-year-old, African-American girl loses her mother and has to fend for herself in New York City's Hell's Kitchen. Then things get worse.

A high school dropout lures Wanda to his apartment under the guise of wanting to introduce her to his mother. Knowing Mom wasn't home, he takes advantage of Wanda. Nine months later, she gives birth to a fair-skinned daughter and has to leave school to take a job while a neighbor watches her child.

Stalking, harassing, threatening, Jeff Parker continues to make trouble for Wanda over a period of several years. Unable to find gainful employment, she is forced to live in, and leave, one homeless shelter after another, often to get away from him. Jobs are also lost when sexually exploiting employers attempt to seduce Wanda and make her life difficult.

Wanda moves to New Jersey and meets a White, blind widower who has been raising a daughter on his own. But the paths they take while trying to ignore the building, mutual desire each has for the other touch many more than two people. Can Jim bury the memories of his late wife? Can Wanda shed her fear of men?

Reader Advisory: Contains violence, hard language, including those of a racial nature, and some descriptions of sex

[icon name="heart"][icon name="heart"] Sizzling Romance

70,404 words

Unpredicted Romances 2

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They Hadn’t Expected It To Happen
By Johnny Dragona They couldn't have what they wanted, because she was Jewish and he was a Gentile. Should Janey, a Jewish girl, and Johnny, a Gentile boy, express their growing love for each other, when her family is opposed to such a union, and she had been promised to another? Even after she gets married, their feelings couldn't be dampened, but that love couldn't be consummated. Then a crisis brings them together once more.

[icon name="heart"] Sweet Romance

40,849 words

Unpredicted Romances 2

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