It’s Release Day For Sexual Deception by H.T. Miles

It’s Release Day For Sexual Deception by H.T. Miles

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Sexual Deception by HT MilesHappy Release Day to H.T. Miles! Sexual Deception is the thrilling story of deception and deceit, and the aftershocks which resonate throughout the book.

What happens when a wife talks her husband into sexually experimenting, but forgets to tell the truth?

What happens when a wife convinces her husband to open up their marriage to other people? What happens when the reluctant husband realizes the wife had misled him, and he tries to stop the “action” and fails?

This is the story of one such event, and the healing of the marriage afterward. The search for the reason the wife became fixated on opening up the marriage, and how the husband handled the deceit, and the wife’s disregard of their set rules for their first sex party.

We follow the wife’s personal growth as she realizes the harm she has done to her marriage, and her efforts to heal her relationship with her husband. The process of learning how to “treat” the wife’s needs, without hurting the husband, and the added benefits the husband receives.

Reader Advisory: This book contains graphically described sex between adults, and relates the story of a wife looking for that extra thrill after twelve years of marriage. This book is for mature readers only.

Available from all good distributors and from Luminosity Here

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