Happy Release Day to Paisley Cruz with Love Me Tender

Happy Release Day to Paisley Cruz with Love Me Tender

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lmt-pc-450-675-compressedHappy release day to Paisley Cruz with Love Me Tender. Love Me Tender is a romance with a whole lot of heart. Set in Nashville, and at the centre of the country music industry, expect a roller coaster ride of a story.

She was the breath of fresh air he needed so desperately.

Kadee has rules—rules that keep her on track to become part of Nashville’s country music industry. An internship at a top record label is a sure way of getting there. A week before her internship begins, she meets Carter in a bar, and for the first time she considers breaking those rules. After an amazing night together, she leaves him asleep in a park, sure she will never see him again. Little does she know fate has a different plan in store.

Carter comes to Nashville to take over his family’s failing record label. The only thing is, he resents it. He’s ready to pack up and head home when he meets Kadee. She shows him the city, and now he can’t get her or Nashville off his mind.

With revived interest, Carter sets out to save his label, only he needs something truly spectacular to rescue the company.

Will Kadee be the one to save them both?

Available from all good distributors and Luminosity HERE

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